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Derrumbes Zacatecas

Derrumbes Zacatecas is a rare traditionally produced mezcal made with blue agave, which is more widely known for it’s use in tequila.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Derrumbes Mezcal
Mezcalero:Jaime Banuelos
Style:Aged in Glass, Joven
ABV: 48%
Website: http://mezcalderrumbes.mx/
About this mezcal

Derrumbes Zacatecas is made with agave Tequilana Weber, which is also commonly known as blue or azul agave. This agave is well known for it’s use in tequila, and the town of Huitzila, Zacatecas, where this mezcal is made, is very close to the Tequila Valley.  The town is more well-known for mezcals that are made in a similar style of tequila, but the Bañuelos family, who produce this Derrumbes mezcal, is one of the only regional distillers producing traditional mezcals. This mezcal is pit roasted, tahona milled, and traditionally fermented in stainless steel vats and distilled in copper stills.

Derrumbes Mezcal

From Oaxaca to Michoacan and beyond, Derrumbes bottles many varieties of mezcal that are made using different agave and production methods. They have spirits from different states in Mexico, and they bottle some very small producers that are not available elsewhere.

4 reviews

3.9 of out 5 stars



95 reviews
7 days ago

This is what tequila could be like if the piñas were roasted, crushed, and wild fermented instead of steamed, shredded, extracted, and fermented with cultured yeast. The nose is obviously blue agave, like tequila but more floral and complex. The taste is like tequila but more grassy, fruity, and complex. Really interesting. I like it!



7 reviews
2 months ago

Overwhelmingly vegetal and savory. On the nose, almost resembles a dirty martini, with almost a celery, sea salt and olive brine bouquet. Very interesting and complex.

7 months ago

From Mezcal Masterclass – Espadin at Todos Santos.



17 reviews
11 months ago

Super fresh on the nose, springy, not overly perfumed. Long grass and blackberries. It was a lot lighter in both taste and smell then the ABV would possibly suggest. A lot of depth in the flavour, with a light and fairly thin mouthfeel.
A pleasant taste of sour grapefruit, hickory and some sulphur like minerals. A rounded mouthfeel and a fresh grassy finish. Enjoyable and pleasant, a winner to show the difference in regional agave.

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