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Gracias a Dios Cuixe

Gracias a Dios Cuixe has strong notes of moss and moisture on the nose. It has a persistent taste of clove, white pepper, cinnamon, and apples.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Gracias a Dios Mezcal
Mezcalero:Oscar Hernandez
Town:Santiago Matatlan
Age of plant:15 years
About this mezcal

Gracias a Dios Cuixe is made with agave Cuixe that takes 15 years to mature. This agave is fairly unique as it grows in an elongated pina that can stand up to 6 feet tall.  This mezcal has strong notes of moss and moisture on the nose. It has a persistent taste of clove, white pepper, cinnamon, and apples.

Gracias a Dios Mezcal

The team behind Gracias a Dios Mezcal opened a mezcalería in Querétaro, México in 2010. After two years of touring around Mexico in search of mezcal, they met mezcalero Oscar Hernández and were impressed by his mezcal. They decided to create a brand with Oscar and make him an equal partner. Oscar learned how to distill from his mother whose nickname is "La Jefa".

Aside from a few special releases, Gracias a Dios is made in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. It is 100% artisanal, handmade with piñas from Espadín agave and other varieties, ground and fermented in their own palenque in Santiago Matatlán, and distilled in copper by maestro mezcalero Oscar Hernández Santiago. Their Karwinskii agaves are shredded mechanically, due to the toughness of their fibers, and then tahona-crushed afterwards. All other agave used at this palenque are crushed by horse-drawn tahona only.

4 reviews

3.6 of out 5 stars



119 reviews
8 months ago

Lot 0364. Spicy, menthol, green jalapeño, bell pepper, cinnamon, vanilla. Good cuixe for the price point.



340 reviews
3 years ago

Floral on the nose, this cuishe has strong notes of lemon, tea, honey, and fig. The finish has a slight perfumed aftertaste. Probably the best mezcal from Gracias a Dios with a slight edge over their tepextate. Lot GAD-C-0380



19 reviews
3 years ago

Floral veggie aroma. Smokey vanilla notes. Not hot at the end but lingers



355 reviews
3 years ago

GAD-0380. Fresh green aromas of tea and newly cut hay. This is a nice Mezcal. I like Gracias a Dios and this is no exception. It’s got some sweet floral notes of violet and rose. Cuixe is an interesting agave and this Mezcal displays its characteristics nicely.

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