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Sotol Parejo Wheeleri – Juan Fernández

Sotol Parejo Wheeleri from 4th generation maestro vinatero Juan Fernández is made in the community of Madera, Chihuahua.

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Brand:Parejo Sotol
Sotolero:Juan Fernández
Style:Aged in Glass
ABV: 47-50%
Age of plant: 15 years
Website: https://www.parejosotol.com/, opens in new window

About this sotol

Sotol Parejo Wheeleri from 4th generation maestro vinatero Juan Fernández is made in Madera, Chihuahua using 100% wild Dasylirion wheeleri.

This region is known for its coniferous forests, humid summers, and cold yet dry winters. The sotol plants take about 15 years to reach maturity in this area. Once harvested, they are roasted in a pit over for 3 days and then milled using a mechanical shredder. Fermentation takes 7 days and then the sotol is distilled in a stainless steel alembic still.

Look for aromas of ripe tropical fruit, pencil shavings, and flowers. Tasting notes include baked ham, creamed corn, and lemon.

Parejo Sotol

Parejo is the term used by a vinatero to describe when a sotol is perfect. They read the ABV of the spirit by passing it from one cuerno to another. They adjust by adding spring water until the perlas form from the center.

Sotol Parejo was founded by Jorge Caldera, who has devoted 13+ years to studying the native spirits of Chihuahua. Throughout that time, he met producers and built friendships. For many years, viñatas were considered illegal by the government. Because of this, Jorge found that a shared struggle existed among the maestros. Unfortunately, their craft was considered taboo.

The goal of Parejo Sotol from the outset was to recapture the historical taste of sotol.

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