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Sotoleros Lupe Ensamble Pechuga

Sotoleros Ensamble Pechuga is a unique mix of both Dasylirion (like in Sotol) and Agave (like in Mezcal) from sotolero Lupe Lopez.

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Sotolero:Lupe López
Agave:Angustifolia, Shrevei
Style:Ensamble, Pechuga
ABV: 44%
Website: https://www.sotoleros.com/, opens in new window

About this destilado

Sotoleros Ensamble Pechuga is produced by sotolero Lupe Lopez in the Community of Las Escobas in the Northwestern part of Chihuahua. Lupe was trained by maestro Bienvenido Fernandez in the art of distillation. His ranch neighbors Sonora, deep in the Sierra Madre Occidental. This specific region of Chihuahua is host to three main plant varietals: Dasylirion wheeleri, Agave shrevei, and Agave angustifolia (the same varietal used in Bacanora).

Lupe roasts Dasylirion and Agave in an underground conical pit for 48-96 hours. He then mills the plants manually with a wooden mallet. The plants are then fermented with natural spring water for 4-5 days with wild yeast. Before the second distillation, a cloth is then hung on the wooden condenser of the still, in which 14 pounds of deer meat and 1 pound of laurel leaves are suspended.


Sotoleros is a collection of traditional distillates from northern Mexico, which seeks to represent the tradition, art and culture of the region. Products from this brand began appearing on shelves in early 2021. Sotoleros has a connection with the legendary brand Clande Sotol – the colors on the bottle labels follow a similar pattern too. However, Soloteros is not a “rebrand” and the exact history between the two brands is unknown.

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