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The Lost Explorer Joven

The Lost Explorer Joven is a project with Proyecto Humo, an organization dedicated to empowering sustainable Mexican-owned industry.

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Brand:The Lost Explorer Mezcal
Mezcalero:Fortino Ramos Florean
Agave / Maguey:Espadin, Tobala
Town:San Pablo Huixtepec
About this mezcal

The Lost Explorer Joven is made with cultivated agave Espadin and wild agave Tobala. It is traditionally produced, with the agave cooked in an earthern oven, the cooked agave are ground by tahona, fermented in open air with ambient yeasts, and double distilled in a copper still. This mezcal is floral and a bit herbaceous.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal

The Lost Explorer Mezcal is a collaboration with Proyecto Humo and master mezcalero, Don Fortino Ramos Florean. It was grown, harvested and distilled on the edge of San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca in the Zimatlán District—situated some fifteen hundred meters above sea level in the Central Valley. San Pablo Huixtepec is roughly equidistant from Oaxaca City and Sola de Vega on the road to the Pacific. Fortino is a self-taught first-generation distiller and has produced mezcal for well over two decades. The Lost Explorer Spirit is part of a larger The Lost Explorer brand that includes clothing and wellness products.

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