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Swiss bartender working in Spitz Bar, Zurich.
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Del Maguey Madrecuixe

Aug 6, 2018

Decent, fruity mezcal, that falls a bit short: green melon and cooked cucumber in the nose. Round and sweet in the mouth, baked aromas and sweet, canned fruit. However, the aromas seem a bit subdued. Unfortunately, there’s a slight disturbing plastic bitterness in the finish. (6 VIII 18, Spitz Bar Zürich, lot MAD-151)

Del Maguey Iberico

Aug 6, 2018

Nose lots of nail polish remover at first, but let it stand for 30m, and you get a nice mix of milk chocolate, baked sweet potatoes and chipotle on one side, and cold ash smoked fresh pineapple and cucumber on the other side; with some bitter orange peel and a faint vegetable note in between. In the mouth big hit of salt, very dry but extremely dense, dry clay, and bitter orange jam and burnt grapefruit; however, sweetness only starts in the finish. Big tobacco smoke hits you, with some dried smoked cherries and a slight camphor note. All in all, this is a very dense, dry-aromatic mezcal in which darker aromatics dominate. Benefits a lot from some air. (6 VIII 18, Spitz Bar Zürich, lot SCM 143)

Mezcalosfera Tobala/​Verde/​Madrecuixe/​Cuixe/​Espadin – Felipe Cortés

Jul 24, 2018

Beautiful mezcal, and only 4/5 stars because I don’t like the floral type of mezcales too much. But this is beautifully put together: irises, violet soap and a caseous flavour in the nose, with some red clay and dried mint underpinning. Truly exceptional! Sweet in the mouth, again this strong caseous note, baked sweet potatoes, nattō. Great texture, no burn at all. Leaves a nice floral touch and slightly salty finish. (25 VII 18, lot 13SZ-17)

Alipus San Juan

Jul 21, 2018

Intense nose: meaty mostly, with some underlying fruit (guava, unripe melons), nettle. As you give it time in the glass, more green aromas come through, think gazpacho. Very big arrival in mouth, extraordinary texture! So silk and dense! Quite sweet, clay and baked bananas, finishes quite soon and doesn’t develop as much, leaving mostly smoke and caramel in the finish. Quite a bolt package, but lacking a tiny bit in complexity. (Tasted 21 VII 18, bottle 1311/2100, lot SRJ104/15)

Real Minero Tobala

Jul 9, 2018

Crazy nose: mashed bananas, juicy smoke like smoked sausages, some vegetal, bitter greenery; all with a subtle, contrasting spiciness akin to yuzu koshō or green chilis. Becomes a bit sharper as it stays in the glass, and some vanillated mint coming forth. Very fascinating nose, dominated by fruitiness, spice and juicy smoke.

The mouth however it is quite different, lots of vanilla and a very dominant shortbread note; bright cinnamon, grilled bell peppers; slight meatiness and a mineralic finish, almost like slate Riesling. Quite sweet overall.

(Tasted 10 VI 18 in Old Crow, Zurich. Bottle possibly been open for a year already.)

Alipus Destilado en Barro (San Miguel Sola)

Jul 3, 2018

This one changes tremendously over time – give it 20 minutes in the glas, and the phenolic nose changes into a beautiful stew of mangos, bananas, limes cooked in butter; clove oil, too, and lemon balm freshness. Incredible texture, smooth and buttery; cinnamon spice. Wet clay in the finish, indeed. Very powerful mezcal, but gently so.

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