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La Luna Pechuga de Jabali

Nov 27, 2021

This is a fun bottle with alot going on. Definitely picking up on fruity, earthy, and rich gamey flavors. This is just my initial rank, I want to revisit in a month and update.

Del Maguey Santo Domingo Albarradas

Nov 27, 2021

Lot SDA-191 / 48%

This one doesnt really resonate with me much. It’s really smokey on the nose and has a Metalic quality I’m not so fond of. I like the viscosity and mouthfeel of it. I use this one for cocktails.

Derrumbes Durango

Nov 27, 2021

I like this! I like most offerings I’ve tried from Durango and Cenizo. It’s light smoke, medium funk, and quite a sweet fruitiness to it. This is not a complex offering, but that is a good thing sometimes. It’s an absolutely solid Cenizo offering at a decent price point.

Farolito Horno

Nov 27, 2021

El Agave has it nailed for the tasting notes. The finish is so clean, it maintains this refined quality that I like very much. I find Americana to be hit or miss for my palate but this one was crafted expertly. Great expression!

Vago Bien Picado

Nov 27, 2021

Lot A-05-EM-19 / 50.5% / 89% Espadin & 11% Mexicano

Shewww, I was really into this one. The overripe agave makes for an incrediblely complex and deeply flavorful mezcal when shepherded properly, and Aquilino did just that. Thankful I got to try a pour, I will be looking to hopefully get lucky and try it again.

Real Minero Largo, Espadin, Coyota, Becuela, Tobala

Nov 27, 2021

Batch ARM-01 / btl 74/242 / 54%

I LOVED this ensamble. It had so much complexity and so much Oomph behind it. Definitely some fun agave varieties were used in this ensamble, I would try again!

Gusto Historico Arroqueno

Nov 26, 2021

Excellent expression of Arroqueno from VR, I would go as far as to say its my standard for the varietal. This specific bottle propelled me down the path of interesting and well-crafted Arroqueno’s. Definitely worth a try or buy!

Bozal Pechuga

Nov 25, 2021

Not the best but not the worst. I actually think I enjoyed this pour more when the bottle was freshly opened opposed to a few months in. Nothing overly exciting, just an interesting papalote Pechuga for a good price ($85)

5 Sentidos Espadin-Tobaziche

Nov 24, 2021

Batch ETZTX01-18. I enjoyed this one. It was a good blend that left little to be desired. Great job as usual from 5S

Rey Campero Jabali

Nov 23, 2021

Lot D5015-J / produced Oct 19 / btl 236/598

The perfect example of a Jabali expression. Not only one of my favorite Jabali’s but one of my favorite offerings from Rey Campero.

Amaras Cupreata

Nov 21, 2021

Lote 1 / Papalote / 43%

This $55 bottle drinks like some of my $100 bottles. A very excellent expression of Cupreata at any price point but it just happens to be a value bottle.

Madre Espadin – Cuishe

Nov 21, 2021

Spicy astringency, some smoke on the nose. A nice blend that is versatile as a sipper or a mixer for a fair price.

Mezcalero No. 15

Nov 20, 2021

Awesome stuff, I wish I could have bought a bottle of this! Great bottle that had very little left.

Mal Bien Verde – Ramos

Nov 20, 2021

Thus one was weird and very well done. Not my absolute favorite but can’t knock the craftsmanship, still really well done.

Mal Bien Papalote Joven – Calzada

Nov 20, 2021

I thought this was a fine Cupreata offering from Refugio Calzada, I like the Mal Bien project.

El Jolgorio Tobaziche

Nov 20, 2021

I liked this expression of Toba very much, would like to buy a bottle.

Mezonte Raicilla Japo – Hildegardo Joya

Nov 20, 2021

Very good, not overly funky but definitely a very in your face type of raicillia. Worth a try!

Mezonte Tepe

Nov 20, 2021

My favorite offering from the Mezonte line. This is a beast of a Lechuguilla and I’m for it. Will be buying a bottle as soon as I find one.

Mezonte Jalisco

Nov 20, 2021

For the price I was a bit underwhelmed but I still enjoyed this, I just wouldnt buy a bottle.

Palenqueros Ensamble Cinco Magueyes

Nov 20, 2021

This was one of my favorite Ensambles ever. Appreciative I was able to try it in its prime!

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