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After a ten year tequila journey I'm stepping into Mezcal!
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Se Busca Mezcal Añejo

Nov 10, 2020

FRENCH OAK. MAGIC. I went through the entire lineup and they seriously go good, better and BEST. Has that incredible maple vibe going on. I’m not one who likes smoke and this has none. It’s my favorite mezcal this far.

Se Busca Mezcal Reposado

Nov 10, 2020

I first got my hands on the Joven and thought it was alright. When I read that the reposado and anejo were aged in French oak I had to move up the chain. This repo is pretty good but didn’t have as much of that French oak as I would have liked. So I special ordered the anejo and it’s my favorite mezcal thus far. Keep in mind I’m a tequila freak who seeking out all of the mezcal I can that is NOT smoked.

Se Busca Mezcal Joven

Oct 14, 2020

Man oh man I have got to get my hands on the Repo and Anejo after trying this one. I can see why hardcore mezcal fans would find this absolutely boring. There’s almost no smoke….and that’s fine with me. I’m purposely seeking out those mezcal. I’m not a scotch fan and am a huge fan of aged tequilas that don’t taste like whiskeys. The citrus notes on this are overwhelming in a very pleasant way. When I read that the repo and and anejo are aged in French oak my jaw hit the floor. My favorite wood. I’ll get my hands on those you can bet!

Bruxo X

Oct 4, 2020

This is the 3rd bottle of Mezcal I purchased on my brand new journey dunking my toes into Mezcal. This is by far the most interesting one yet. Maybe it’s the mixture of the two agave, I’m still too new. But coming from a big tequila background this stuff has character. Its a shape shifter. Fruit, a little licorice. The craziest part is after you think it’s over COFFEE of all things rises out of the ashes. I love the stuff.

400 Conejos Joven

Oct 4, 2020

Smoke. Smoke. Then theres smoke. This is the 2and bottle of Mezcal I’ve purchased on my journey while taking a break from a very long tequila journey. The buzz on this is fantastic. But the flavor is smoky like scotch.

Zignum Reposado

Oct 4, 2020

This was the first Mezcal I ever purchased. I had sample shots of other Mezcals and always complained about the smoke flavor. I bought this bottle because I was told it was more like a tequila than mezcal. Definitely is a tequila flavor with that undeniable sped up crack like mezcal buzzzzz.

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