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5 Sentidos Sierra Negra

Apr 9, 2021

Batch SN09-19
Nose: Sweet Cream and tropical fruit (mango maybe?), ripe agave, some sourness almost like green apple concentrate.

Palette: Sweet tropical fruit bomb, That green apple concentrate comes back with a creamy, almost lactic mouthfeel. The sour notes balance the tropical fruit really well. Hints of earth somewhere in the background. This is awesome.

Finish: A quick punch of heat, then the sweet fruit comes back and some earthiness to round it out. The sourness lingers in a pleasant way.

Palenqueros Espadin – Mexicano – Bicuishe

Apr 8, 2021

Nose: Earthy and floral first followed by Lime zest and citrus, some spice is mingling in here as well.

Palette: Sweet and creamy, ripe agave followed by spiciness with and then the earthiness hits; River rocks and clay with some spice hanging around to balance it out.

Finish: The most satisfying part of this pour; The finish coats your entire mouth in a savory earthiness like peppered clay. Its fun and it lasts seemingly forever, eventually, if you can wait long enough between sips, the sweetness comes back to mellow it out.

Conclusion: This one is a wild ride, I feel like I can taste all three components and for the most part it seems very well balanced. If I’m being picky I think the spiciness overwhelms the espadin’s fruit and sweet notes a little too much but there is a lot of complexity here and its fun to drink. Amazing value.

Vago Ensamble en Barro

Apr 7, 2021

This particular bottle is from 2018 and uses 67% Espadin & 33% Tepeztate.

– Nose: Complex and reserved, that typical espadin citrus rind note is the first thing to show up alongside some notes of honey, ripe agave, and grassiness. Pepper and spice show up last to the party and blow the doors off.

– Palette: Almost exactly what you’d expect from the nose which is a rarity. The Citrus, honey and ripe agave touch first with some bangin spice to follow, the sweet and spicy is a fun back and forth. The clay on this is present but its very subdued along with some minerality that shows up just before the finish.

– Finish: Spicy! The clay shows up here with some fun mineral notes alongside the spice and leaves you with some of that sweet citrus rind flavor dancing in the back of your throat.

El Jolgorio Tobaziche

Apr 2, 2021

Edition 08; Harvest 2017; Pedro Vasquez.

Nose: Powerful, a mixture of floral and fruits with a touch of earth and spice, really pleasant and nice. No hint of alcohol.

Palette: Sweetness and citrus to start then some spice and earthiness round it out. Very well balanced and punchy.

Finish: Long; Powerful damp earth takes over, not much smoke at all here. Citrus and honeysuckle notes come back at the end and linger.

Really Really wonderful. My first black bottle and I do not regret the purchase at all. absolutely worth it if you can find one.

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