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I love vodka, tequila, wine and MEZCAL. I'm not gonna bore you with tasting notes just a simple I like it, love it or hate it. i go to MX a lot for mezcals. I like to keep 10+ on hand at all times.
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Rezpiral Arroqueno – Reina Sanchez

Jan 25, 2021

Series 4, it’s a good one. I didn’t find it too complex but it’s really, really good. a little spicy with hints of minerals and fruity. looking forward to trying more of their offerings as this was my 1st

El Jolgorio Cenizo (A. Karwinskii)

Jan 25, 2021

dude, really? this is incredible – so smooth. fresh up front, like a candy or gum almost, very cool (no heat it seems). these EJ products seem to be spot on considering the price points. very, very good, buy them all! (can’t wait for my 3 pack of todos santos arroqueno to show up)

Lalocura Tobala

Jan 25, 2021

Fresh, fruity, smooth – had to tuck this to the back of the cabinet so it’s a little harder to reach for. so damn good!

Rey Campero Cuishe

Dec 27, 2020

Rich in minerals and vegetables. Peppery with a very heavy mouth coating. This is the 2nd Rey Campero i’ve owned tried and it continues to be a brand that I want to own them all – this is good juice!

Yuu Baal Pechuga

Dec 27, 2020

WOW – my first pechuga. I admit, I’m pretty generous on reviews here, and this being my 1st pechuga I was blown away. No smoke, very citrusy/spicy up front and a very clean finish. An amazing and different mezcal. The bottle immediately went to the back of the closet to be enjoyed only by me!

edit: ok, I crushed this bottle as I found it online as well as having my father in law secure me another in AZ. for the price point, it’s on point!

Tres Papalote Wild Cupreata

Dec 24, 2020

Pretty great value for a wild cupreata, I found it to be a bit minerally (likely not a word)! It’s tangy, spicy peppery. I’d buy again if not for anything but for the value and it isa decent drink!

400 Conejos Espadin / Tobala

Dec 16, 2020

Affordable, yes but honestly, I prefer the Joven when it comes to 400 Conejos. Use as a mixer

Del Maguey Chichicapa

Dec 12, 2020

Well, I was pumped to try this with so many good reviews, and while it did not disappoint, it didn’t thrill me either. Seems a bit understated and mild, if you will. It was not bad in any way but I’m not sure I’d buy again at this price point. Seemed a great starter mezcal.

Vago Espadin en Barro

Dec 12, 2020

Tio Rey does it again! Great mezcal here, not as old a batch as the 1st 2 reviews but still a hot product (NOV 2019). I got no real funk in my batch but instead find it more like a gravel pit (in a good way). DEC 2019 bottle on deck, I plan to keep this in my cabinet always since I can buy it local.

Rey Campero Jabali

Dec 11, 2020

Wow, I love it! Just bought today – spendy but won’t be sharing with others! Def needs some air up front but it is very citrusy with big heat behind it. Will buy again and may double up or so as long as they’re in stock – local purchase too, so while it costs a bit more, it’s worth it since it doesn’t require a trip to MX.

Quiereme Mucho Tepextate

Dec 7, 2020

Quiereme Mucho has fast become one of my favorite mezcals. I just picked this one up in MX and enjoy it a lot. I’ll enjoy sparingly as this isn’t a brand you can find everywhere and Tepextate takes so long to mature, it simply needs to be enjoyed while also practicing patience!

Marca Negra Cupreata

Dec 7, 2020

Ok, i got this in OCT while in MX, actually my wife bought it for me for my b-day (it was really expensive….like pushing $200). Upon getting home I was very anxious to try this, so I did and found it to be wonderful. It smelled and tasted, to me, kind of like sweet tarts. strange indeed.

now, that said, I went back in after a few weeks and I could hardly stand the smell and taste – I have no idea what happened. I haven’t tried it since that 2nd try, so I need to go back again and see what’s up. Marca Negra is one of my favorite brands in general, and this varietal is very compelling…

Well, I tried it again last night and once again, it was bangin! As I remember from the 1st try – not sure what might have been going on w/my palate on the 2nd try but something weird was up. if you get a chance to get this rare bottle, I advise you do so. Move up to 4.5 stars

Espíritu Lauro Joven

Oct 20, 2020

I tried this today and bought a bottle, it was pretty good, looking forward to getting it home and drinking more of it to get a better feel for it. Great price point – $30 per liter (in MX)

Papadiablo Especial

Sep 22, 2020

Another winner from Papadiablo, this one too is really good. Maybe a smidge less than the Arroqueno, but that could just be me. Happy to buy both again and drink over and over again. Enjoy these, they are good

Papadiablo Arroqueno

Sep 22, 2020

Boom! great mezcal – love the heat and punch, and more than anything, I love the NAME (send me a t-shirt please), really good stuff. will always buy this

Gracias a Dios Cuishe

Sep 22, 2020

Woohooo – so glad I tried this one, super yummy. Will gladly buy again – try and enjoy!

Vago Ensamble en Barro

Sep 22, 2020

excellent! of course I am the ensemble whore! I love this mezcal and I look forward to trying many more of the Vago products (just never the Elote again)

Vago Elote – Aquilino

Sep 22, 2020

honestly, I loathe this product. not sure if it’s the corn or what but this ends up getting poured for mezcal rookies that visit me

Union Viejo

Sep 22, 2020

another good product from Union but for the money, buy the cheaper of the two

Union Uno

Sep 22, 2020

simply put, this is GREAT for the price point

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