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Xicaru Pechuga Mole

May 14, 2021

Mole, Mole, Mole! No mistaking this pechuga that’s for sure.
Cinnamon, spice, broth, other spices. Not bad, but is dominated by the savoriness, and I am left wishing for something sweet (fruit, candy, something) to balance it all out. More of a unique, “try it once” mezcal for me.
Review #103
CX-PM02, Batch 2, 20-1950

Maguey Melate Ensamble – Artemio Garcia Cruz

May 14, 2021

7 agaves! This is a record for me. Nose is perfumey, welcoming, slightly candied, reminds me of a cuixe. Some spice, pepper on the taste. No one agave stands out, yet if I think about a particular one (tepeztate, cuixe) I I can taste each one.
Well rounded, if not maybe a bit too hot at the end. All around solid.

La Medida Tepeztate

May 3, 2021

Lote: MIA-T2002US (200 ml)
Green, vegetal smell, and fairly pleasant. But then pretty underwhelming taste – burntness as others have mentioned, with some new rubber, synthetic, tennis ball taste. Some of the classic green, tep notes are buried down in there deep, which I’ve come to both love & expect, but not nearly as much as I’d prefer from this bottle. So overall not what I’d expect and want from a Tepeztate or a mezcal from Miahuatlan. 3.25.
Review #101

Maguey Melate Espadin Chacaleño – Carlos Ángulo Rios

May 2, 2021

Dusty & reminiscent of some cenizos I’ve drank in the past. Slightly abrasive, but still sweet w/ salty & butterscotch notes. Not bad at all!
(And review #100)!

El Jolgorio Madrecuishe

Apr 25, 2021

Edition 16: 2018 by Gregorio Jarquin
Stone, chalky, mineral, and complex. Sweet and satisfying. Seems like these bottles very widely by batch and producer, but can say that this one is really pretty good. Costco was carrying these up in NorCal as well, which is cool to see (Costco also had the Cuishe, which is not really as good as this one). 3.75
Review #99

5 Sentidos Chino

Apr 24, 2021

Smell is strong – full of starburst and candied. Very intriguing! Bright, vibrant, some cheese in there as well. Taste carries through as well with the candied notes. Some funkiness in there for me though, which brings down the quality IMO. Would love to share this with people for conversation and debate, but wouldn’t be my go to, “top notch” mezcal.
Review #98

5 Sentidos Bicuixe

Apr 24, 2021

Green, earthy, vegetal! Reminds me of other Miahuatlan mezcals, which I tend to be biased to. Piney taste, some chalky, sweet & fruity. Balanced with the overall greenish flavor notes. Very solid and wish I had more of this 2oz sample. 4.25
Review #97

Vago Espadin en Barro

Apr 23, 2021

Slight tinge in color. Subdued smell, but obviously clay. Sweet smells of espadin as well. Notes of chalkiness and some tropical fruit. Bit hot at the end, but still very well balanced with the clay distillation. 2oz sample.
Review #96

Mal Bien Madrecuixe Puntas – Cortes

Apr 17, 2021

Wow! So drinkable at 57%. I get the fig newtons others have mentioned. Smell is a bit unassuming, and then the taste hits you – strong of course, yet soft with sweet, sugary, and dried dark fruit notes. More like a 4.25.

NETA Tepextate-Bicuixe-Espadín

Apr 16, 2021

Great smell! Floral and scents of vanilla. Taste is soft & delicate – more vanilla, flowers, green notes (slight jalapeño in there), and some hotness at the end that didn’t seem to go away as the bottle got some airtime. I don’t get much of the tepextate notes that I love, but the softness and quality of this one is still great with this three agave ensamble. 4.25 stars.

Lalocura Cuishe-Espadin

Apr 11, 2021

Dominate clay smell & taste throughout. Interesting, but nothing overly complex. Tropical fruit, woody, vanilla. Not bad at all, but not blowing me away either.

Mal Bien Madrecuixe / Bicuixe / Tepextate

Apr 9, 2021

Lote: 0419ER
Love the green, earthy smell I’ve come to recognize and love from the Ramos’. Get the key lime that others have mentioned. Mellower beginning – sweet, tropical fruits. The cuixes seems to dominate, and wish I could find more of the tepeztate. Red hot candy finish and probably a bit too hot. 4.25
Review #92

Rey Campero Mexicano + Cuishe + Tepeztate + Coyote

Apr 9, 2021

The finish is the best part on this one – comes out of nowhere! Initially get some cream, grass, orange, vanilla almonds, and then bam – pink bubblegum at the finish. Complex and very interesting! Bit hot though as others have pointed out. 2oz sample. 4.25 stars.
Review #91

Rezpiral Tobasiche – Simeon & Apolonio

Mar 27, 2021

Series 4
Light, green smell. Different series, but still get the new tennis ball scent others have mentioned. Coconut comes in and out on both smell & taste. Some rubber, but a good balance of bright sweetness & smoke. Well rounded tobasiche, but the ‘synthetic smell’ brings it down for me.
Review #90

La Venenosa Sierra Volcanes

Mar 19, 2021

Strong, sweet smell…rotten fruit funk is pronounced. Clay is well balanced though on the taste with tropical fruit, and some tartness. Slight pepper on finish. One of my first raicillas, and can’t say I totally love it. Will keep trying though! Awesome to get these in 200ML bottles though as a way to sample. 3.25
Lote: A20, Date 01-20
Review #89

Maguey Melate Espadin – Lidia Hernández Hernández

Mar 14, 2021

Buttery & floral on the nose and throughout the taste. Sweet, citirusy (lemon), and overall very pleasant. ABV is a bit lower for my personal preference. All around though a very good espadin!

Gusto Historico Tepextate/ Tobala/ Cuixe/ Madrecuixe

Mar 12, 2021

My favorite of all 4x Historico Gustos samples I’ve tried. Smell is green, sweet, and inviting. Tepeztate forward, which I’m definitely biased to. Love the green and earthiness, along with some cream notes from the cuishe. Candy sweetness is in there too. Tastes a bit stronger than the 47% ABV, but in a great way. I’m buying a full bottle of this one!
2 oz sample

Gusto Historico Cucharillo

Mar 12, 2021

Creamsicle! Not getting normal sotol notes of grass/earthy either. Very clean finish, with some earthy, cotton notes, but not overall complex. Smooth and balanced finish. One of the better of the Gusto Historicos.
2 oz sample

Gusto Historico Tepextate/ Arroqueno/ Madrecuixe/ Cuixe

Mar 12, 2021

Very fragrant. Airy, grassy, and earthy. Can’t figure out which agave dominates on this one, but they are all working in harmony together. Unfortunately, this one also seems to be a bit too hot. Overall very good ensamble.
2oz sample

Gusto Historico Madrecuixe/ Bicuixe/ Tepextate

Mar 12, 2021

Very fragrant. Karwinskiis seems to dominate this ensamble, as I don’t get any of the tepeztate notes I’m used to (50% madrecuixe, 20% bicuixe, 30% Tep.) Overall not bad at all – some pink bubblegum sweetness with a cream finish (candycorn?). Bit too hot though to get a higher ranking. 3.75.
2oz sample

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