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Mal Bien Verde – Ramos

Sep 18, 2020

Not enough can be said about how GREEN and bright and classically smooth this one is. Can’t believe it’s a 52% ABV, as I don’t get any ethanol or strong alcohol kicks. Green peppers and some sweetness – peaches perhaps. Some mint, slight pepper & spice hint. Light, clean, and CRISP on finish – bravo! Lote: 0218

Vago Tepeztate – Aquilino Garcia Lopez

Sep 15, 2020

A-2R-TR-18 (80% Tep, 20% Espadin)
Smell is green and tep-like. Taste though seems a bit watery and light (says a lot considering it’s 52%). There’s definitely tepeztate notes in there, although not as strong or pronounced as I prefer. Light cream and maybe some custard notes. I do love teps, and wanted this one to be excellent.
Review #117

Del Maguey Wild Jabali

Sep 15, 2020

Very fragrant and perfumey on the nose. Creamy and green throughout! Smooth and rich. Great D.M right here!

Legendario Domingo Michoacán Ensamble

Sep 3, 2020

Very creamy…notes of pine needles and some butterscotch on the finish. Clean and simple, but not as complex as expected. I purchased a 200ml taster, and happy I did. For ~$90 on a 750ml I could think of a dozen other bottles off hand that I think are money better spent. Slightly better than the ‘Oaxaca’ L.D mezcal, but for price I’d go with the other one all day.

Legendario Domingo Oaxaca Espadin

Sep 3, 2020

Sweet with tropical notes as others have pointed out, with the best part being that it seems to carry a distinguished orange peel smell. Taste is a bit too much ethanol and the finish is a tad harsh. Very different then the other L.D. Michocan mezcal, and more complex (surprising to me considering the price difference between the two). This one to me seems more of a fit for cocktails vs a copita.

Del Maguey VIDA

Aug 29, 2020

Only a matter of time before I got to this one. Overall pretty light, slightly smokey, and not a whole lot of complexities to speak of. Light ethanol. Not bad for a sipper, but a lot better for a good mix drink. The smell (slightly fruity) seems to be better than the actual taste. This one has done a lot for Del Maguey, but has to be the weakest link in their reputable chain of mezcals.

Vago Elote – Aquilino García López

Aug 29, 2020

Lote: A-01-El-20 from March 2020.
This one is really great. Surprisingly smooth and well balanced given the 50%+ABV. I do taste the corn throughout, although it’s subtle & not overbearing. Fruitiness & some burnt caramel bring this together very nicely. Full, round body. Great value in my opinion, and so this one might be my regular for a ‘mid-level’ espadin.

Banhez Jabali

Aug 26, 2020

Bit perfumey on the nose (in a good way), along with being very sweet with berry fruitiness. Could be the most complex from the Banhez line, as well as one of my favorite from them (Cuishe is up there). Overall (I only had a small sample unfortunately), this was just really delicious & smooth. 4.25

Banhez Mexicano

Aug 26, 2020

Gun powder and pepper (smell of gun cleaner too), but well balanced. If anything maybe a bit too much heat at the finish. I’m still up in the air about my personal preference to mexicanos, and this one certainly didn’t improve, or lower, my ‘indecisiveness’ on this particular agave type. 3.75

Banhez Cuishe

Aug 26, 2020

Could be my favorite of the Banhez line (close to the Jabali, but below the Tep). Got some mint & tropical fruit with some heat on the finish. Overall very tasty, and the smell was intoxicating (not as much as the taste of course 😉

Banhez Pechuga de Pavo

Aug 26, 2020

Very unique taste with licorice/anise. Very sweet with some orange peel, cream, and sage. Balanced smoke & not too hot. I like like the attempt here, but not sure I’d proactively go for it again.

Maguey Melate Tobala – Abel Quiroz

Aug 9, 2020

This is a unique tobala. Not getting the sweetness & flavors I would expect from this agave. The clay seems to also mellow it out a bit, although the taste doesn’t have overt minerality. Light butter, some green/vegetal in the taste. Good spice & smoke balance, but hard to rate this one higher for Melate when compared with the companion Tep. bottle.

Maguey Melate Tepextate – Hermogenes Vasquez

Aug 8, 2020

Wow! This is absolutely delicious – the best by Melate, and could be my favorite mezcal to date. Defeats the E.J Tep. This one is super vegetal and green on the nose. Also get some perfume & bubblegum. This is all over the place . . . in a good way. Candy & fruity sweet along with your classic Tep tastes: green bell peppers & jalapeños. Not too hot or spicy, well balanced, with a clean & light finish (However, I continue to taste sweetness and “green” long after the finish). 4.75. Well done!!

Hacienda de Bañuelos Masparillo

Jul 30, 2020

Strong notes of some BBQ, but also slightly sweet (reminiscent of a tequila). Very woody/oaky and earthy – all in a good way. Overall this one is really good.

Wahaka Espadin Botaniko

Jul 30, 2020

This is more of a gin to me than a mezcal. Or a ‘smoked gin’ if you will. Very sweet (maybe too much?) & herbal on the nose – notes of lemon, eucalyptus, and some other herbs. Someone said it best – tastes like a spa! Would love to use this in place of gin when making a negroni. Not bad by any means, it’s just hard to constitute this one as your traditional mezcal.

Mezcalosfera Madrecuixe/ Bicuixe/ Espadin – Emanuel Ramos

Jul 30, 2020

This is delicious & smooth (classic adjective, but still very applicable) with almost perfect balance of some big smoke & fruit (some melon notes in here). Only had a very small sample, but will be after a bottle ASAP. Wish I had more descriptives for this one, but I was at a lost for words – it was that good. Also, this is my first Mezcalosfera, so look forward to sampling the rest of their lineup.

*Purchased a bottle based on above, and this batch seems to taste vastly different. Lote: 05USA-19. Much more smokier with some mesquite and BBQ notes on smell and taste. Orang peels. Not changing initial rating, but had I drank this bottle first it would have been closer to 4-3.75 stars.

Maguey Melate Tobaziche – Felix Angeles Arellanes

Jul 26, 2020

I was fortunate to pick a bottle up straight from the palenque in late 2019. This tobaziche by Don Felix is absolutely delicious. Sweet smell with some BBQ notes. Light minerality and funk, which is surprising given the clay distillation. Overall it is very balanced between sweetness and smoke. Warm and satisfying finish that lingers nicely. My favorite (so far) to come from Felix. 4.25

El Jolgorio Coyote

Jul 25, 2020

Edition 3, 2018, 39/130
Man, I had high expectations for this one. Probably rightfully so based on prior reviews & price. However, I can’t give this one anything higher than a 4 star.
Juicy on the smell, with notes of pink bubblegum. Huge explosion on the taste, with more hints of bubblegum, candy, and fruitiness (some “grapeness” flavor in here as well). Full-mouth feel that lingers nicely. This one is very dark & deep, and surprisingly smooth & balanced considering the 50%+ ABV. I’ll also add that I haven’t tasted anything quite like this before.
However, it’s not as complex as I’d like (take that for what you will), as well as having some acetone smells and tastes throughout. It just doesn’t really blow me away. I always give a bump in a star rating for a lower priced bottle (ie espadin) that hits above it’s weight class, so the converse has to be true as well – I’m docking this rating due to the very high price tag and also (in my humble opinion) hitting a bit below the expected weight class. This is kinda like a 54 year old Mike Tyson trying to get back in the ring. E.J. is a great brand, but I’ll save my shekels next time for something a hundred dollars cheaper, and a bit better.

Banhez Espadin & Barril

Jul 17, 2020

At 42% a bit on the lighter side, but overall not too bad. As others have pointed out the price tag (~$30) really makes this quality (extra bump in the star rating for that reason). I’ve paid almost double for espadins that really aren’t this good… Light creaminess & welcoming sweetness in the taste (don’t really get any of the pineapple or banana though). Some spice and smoke, both which aren’t overbearing. Doesn’t bother me at all, but doesn’t give me the complexities that we all love with our mezcal.

Koch Espadin Artesanal

Jul 10, 2020

Good green notes on smell and taste, but a bit too hot for my liking. I could see this being a great mixer (but still very good to sip neat) given the great cost. Some creaminess & pepper as well, and surprisingly a bit complex. I’ve been drinking tons of espadins (don’t we all), so my bar is a bit high on this agave type. Not bad at all + price = great value.
Lote: MX014/16ESP

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