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Dixeebe Cucharillo

Nov 27, 2021

Lote: DPV02 by Pedro Vasquez.
Espadin like smell. Cream and some buttery notes in the nose. Taste is green, grassy, and oily. Perhaps a bit too hot at the end if anything. Very solid & complex & balanced though. I need more than this 1 oz….
Review #136

Maguey Melate Papalometl Pechuga – Martinez

Nov 27, 2021

Strong, sweet and fruity nose. Taste is a very well balanced and overall a very good example of what “a pechuga is”. Soft, creamy finish. Very enjoyable, and I’ve loved sharing this one with with folks. A great “dessert” mezcal if you would.

Dixeebe Coyote

Nov 5, 2021

Lote: DVCCO0420 by Valentin Cortes.
Rich, grapey, and balanced. Some caramel and sweet notes in the taste. This is definitely a coyote, and reminds me of an EJ Coyote I have, although it’s from a different producer. It seems like there is a “grapeness” to these coyotes…not medicinal or bad, but unique in it’s own way.
Review #134

Dixeebe Tepeztate

Nov 5, 2021

Lot: DVCTE0517
Strong tepeztate nose that I love. Powerful notes of jalapeno, pepper, and some olive brine. Love the complexity of the nose. More of the same on the taste, but with an added creaminess. This is a newer batch that I believe has been rested in glass since 2017.
Review #133

Pierde Almas Tepextate

Oct 30, 2021

Lote: PAZ-801
Light smell, and not overly “tepeztate-y”. Taste has some sweet, birthday cream frosting. Some fresh green notes as well, but in my opinion it’s missing some of the stronger tep. notes that I love. For 55% ABV this awesome and balanced….agreed it tastes more like a 48%. Well rounded and good. Just doesn’t blow me away.
Review #132

Maguey Melate Cucharillo – Agustin Guendulain Maya

Oct 29, 2021

Grassy smell, and enjoyable. Over a few tastings I’ve gotten some notes of soy sauce, smoked fish jerky, and more grass (which is a standout quality to me with all sotols). I also seem to gravitate to sotols (especially the ones mixed with agave, ensambles), and this one isn’t bad at all (if not a bit light). In fact it’s gotten better with time. Appreciate Melate trying new things and deviating from the “norm”!

Yuu Baal Tobala

Oct 29, 2021

Batch: YJ 14-16
Vanilla wafers. Bit light overall, but balanced with a strong & smoky finish. Frosting, and tobala sweetness in there too. I like it!
3.75 stars
Review #130

Mezcalero No. 25

Oct 29, 2021

This one isn’t resonating with me. More of a subdued tobala. I love that I get the banana notes (runts) that others have mentioned. Also get some sweet tarts, sugar water, and an overwhelming taste that overall just doesn’t sit well (synthetic, rubber perhaps).
Review #129

Madre Espadin

Sep 26, 2021

Light and buttery…classic espadín. Not overly smoky or harsh in a bad way. A light, sweet fruit finish. Pleasantly surprised on this one. (Didn’t get the lot#)
Review #128

Lobo de la Sierra Raicilla

Sep 23, 2021

Lot 10, 44.6% ABV.
One of the better raicillas I’ve tasted. Nose is a sweet, along with a balance of what I call the ‘raicilla funkiness’…but not overbearing like I’ve had with past raicillas. I get more fruity notes on the taste – cantaloupe, mint, floral water, some orange peel. Really quite good, and I was lucky to snag a bottle when I was visiting Los Cabos area. Also, I appreciate the almost 45% ABV, vs the 40% earlier versions that some people have been tasting. 4.25 stars.
Review #127

Maguey Melate Tobasiche / Barril – Gregorio Hernandez

Sep 20, 2021

There’s of course a sharp smell and taste that’s customary w/ puntas. Searching between the alcohol forward puntas smell though there is something crisp, sweet, and slightly floral lurking. Peppery, tropical fruity, and overall enjoyable. I can see how some people would be put off by the strong alcohol smell/taste, but I think with some “practice” you can learn to pick out the notes in-between, and once found, those notes seem to be more intensified vs a “normal” mezcal. With that said, not your every day sipper (at least for me) with the 60+ ABV, but very happy to have had this in the Melate box!

Maguey Melate Tepextate / Cuixe – Flavio Cesar

Sep 20, 2021

Bit on the lighter side for my preference, but I love that the Tep. notes shine through. Get some watermelon along with the more classic tepeztate notes. All around very enjoyable, and this particular bottle got better with some air time! 3.75 stars.

Del Maguey Vida de Muertos

Sep 3, 2021

Lots of smoke throughout, but agree with others that this is a step up from the normal Vida. The extra % of ABV really does help. I also get some orange peel smell & taste, with a slightly sour finish. I would use this in both a cocktail for extra humph and complexity, and sip in a pinch.
Review #124

Cuentacuentos Seemanniana

Aug 29, 2021

Lote: ACR013
Sweet & tangy smell. Reminiscent of other Cuentacuentos bottles. Very fragrant and I love that.
Taste is more subdued – green veggies, but soft and has a watery viscosity to it that makes it appear to be a lower ABV. Closer to a 3.75.
Review #123

El Jolgorio Jabali

Aug 29, 2021

Edition 5 – 2020 Harvest – 53% ABV
This is one of the current highest rated bottles – so no pressure…. However, I hate to be the lower of averages, but this one isn’t all that. Def. not worth the price tag, so glad I only got a 2oz sample. Unique & intriguing smell. Taste is a bit hot yet subdued. Not overly complex, which is why it stays at a four rating for me. Some notes of fruity pear, candied, chalky. Pleasant aftertaste that burns nicely.
Review #122

La Venenosa Azul

Aug 28, 2021

Lot 2 (produced in Jan 2000). 41.3% ABV
Funky smell, with some green. Spicy & peppery. Watery viscosity. I surprising can get that ‘chicken cesar salad that Zack mentioned. This taste is super unique to me, and I can’t say I’m a fan of this “raicilla funkiness”. I’ve had some great raicillas that aren’t this potent (and yet lower ABV), and can’t say this will be one.
Review #121

Yoowe Bacanora

Aug 25, 2021

Lot 8 from 09/20 batch.
Smoky & stronger than expected. Mandarin & tropical fruits. Overall a bit hot though as I sipped through the 1.5 oz sample. 3.75 stars
Review #120

La Higuera Wheeleri

Aug 25, 2021

Didn’t get the lot number on this one. Sweet and not as ‘grassy’ as I except with some of the sotols I’ve had. Bit of a licorice bite with some pleasant caramel.

El Jolgorio Espadin

Aug 15, 2021

Edition 8 – 2006
Light & crisp (seems weaker than 48%). Slightly buttery, and not overly complex or standout. Average espadin for an above average brand.
Review #118

Lalocura San Martinero

Aug 15, 2021

2017 Distillation, 47.1% ABV
Clay, strawberry fruit rollup smell. Tase is delicate & not overpowering. Lots of fruit, clay is balanced & smooth & tangy. 4.25
Review #117

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