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Maguey Melate Mexicano – Fortunato Hernandez

Nov 19, 2022

Solid Mexicano…I visited Fortunato’s palenque and brought back a Mexicano back in 2021…glad to see that Melate thought that was the best one as well. Rock candy, green sweet tarts…long finish with some dark chocolate notes. Well balanced and sweet. I really like it!

El Tinieblo Montana

Nov 19, 2022

This one is a monster. The nose is super fragrant (like an A. Inaequidens or a Lamparillo or like a funky Tepeztate), and with a full mouth-feel. Super creamy with sweet and funky fruity, intoxicating notes. I wish I had better adjectives, but for my first a.Montana, I’ll definitely be searching out more of these expressions! This was a 2oz taster I found at an amazing speakeasy in Queretaro…and for 150 pesos this seemed like the deal of a lifetime, especially considering that a bottle sells in the States for $450+ USD. No batch number, as I was too busy throughly enjoying my copita.
Review #167

Rey Campero Madre-Cuishe

Sep 30, 2022

Lote: 05013-MC
Soft, floral, sweet notes that I come to associate with a mc. However, there is a bit of a funkier or sour finish that brings the overall quality down on this batch for me. On this small flask I picked up in Oaxaca, it says Vicente Sanchez Parada. Solid sipper, but nothing outstanding on this one.
Review #166

Maguey Melate Barril – Jaime Reyes Morales

Sep 23, 2022

This bottle is almost gone….how is this thing almost 59%?!? Delicious karwinskii notes…creamy, woody, vanilla, frosting cake. Sweet and savory. And all around banger of a mezcal.

Maguey Melate Jabali – Ildefonso Macedas Ginez

Sep 23, 2022

Delicious smell and first taste. Love the 56%…a good jabali is a great jabali. I always get some notes of butterscotch and sweet vanilla cookies. Vegetal and nutty. Solid Melate offering, and probably only gets docked as it’s companion bottle (barril) was even better. 4.25 stars.

Casa Manglar Tobala

Sep 9, 2022

Lote: CM-T-0821
This is a tobala alright…definitely has the typical notes for me. Creamy, some tropical fruit at the end. I wish this one was a higher ABV (only complaint). My favorite so far from the Manglar line.
Review #163

Casa Manglar Espadin y Tobala

Sep 9, 2022

Lote: CM-ET-0821
Light smell. Get some green, caramel on the taste. Some ethanol too, which I don’t like. It’s just OK…most of this brand seems to be right around 3-stars for me. Some better, some worse than others. The pure Tobala could be my favorite from what I’ve tried so far.
Review #162

Maguey Melate Reposado – Pedro Santiago Martinez

Aug 28, 2022

Hate to say it, but anytime I taste an aged mezcal it reminds me of a tequila…albeit a bit smokier of course. Not a bad thing at all, but the barrel aging loses some of the nuances I love about joven mezcal. With that said, I do get the classic oaky and vanilla notes. Agave is still in there though which is nice. Tastes hotter than the 42.3% as well.
Unlike everyone else I actually prefer the anejo version to this repo.

Casa Manglar Madrecuishe

Aug 27, 2022

I actually get the madrecuishe notes, which are always welcomed (creamy, ‘soft/cottony’ with some woodiness as well). I also get some peanut brittle as well. This one is good..nothing wrong with it (end is slightly too harsh), but overall just seems a little too light and watery. To me this is probably one of the best from this brand though. 3.25 stars.
Review #160

Casa Manglar Espadin y Madrecuishe

Aug 27, 2022

Smell has some lactic notes along with some fruit sweetness. Taste is OK here. I do get the notes of the MC agave, which are pleasant – creaminess and some piney notes. The finish is a bit rough and seems hotter than the 45%. Overall though a light and refreshing mezcal (trying the other options under this brand, I believe this ensamble to be not as good as the single varietals…esp the espadin).
Review #159

Casa Manglar Espadin

Aug 12, 2022

Lote CM-E-0821
Enticing smell of sweet sugar water and flowers. Taste comes in a bit smoky and hot for only 45%. Orange citrus notes though, and a pleasant sweetness overall.
Good entry level espadin, and price for a bottle seems great. 3.25
Review #158

Lalocura Tobasiche

Jul 3, 2022

No Lote on this bottle (March 2017 date of distillation).
Tangy, sweet smell – just like I like my clays.
Taste has some real grassy notes (almost like a sotol). Brown sugar, leather. Overall very balanced, with a sweet and smooth finish.
Review #157

Maguey Melate Lamparillo – Gilberto Roldán

Jun 18, 2022

Wow – this one is amazing. Strong smells of spicy green peppers, like jalapeños, olives. Not a tep. but equally fragrant. Reminds me of a Salmiana as Rakhal mentioned. Tase is complex – brown sugar, pepper, root beer soda. Wow – this bottle is going quick!

Maguey Melate Inaequidens – Miguel Ortiz Villagomez

Jun 5, 2022

Amazing alto – I really enjoy this one (as does everyone I share it with). Nose is super fragrant – flowery, and some overripe fruit in all the best way. Funky and slightly cheesy as well, similar in some ways to a raicilla.
Taste is balanced with more fruity notes, watermelon candy. Delicious, and shows how diverse and beautiful mezcal can really be.

Maguey Melate Madre Cuishe – Silvestre Jimenez Peralta

Jun 4, 2022

Sweet and flowery smell. Brown sugar. Taste has the creaminess I associate with a lot of Madrecuishe mezcal, and this one is great. I get some of the light, peanut-y taste as well. Airy and refreshing. Hard to further describe this one, other than it really does taste great. 4.25 stars.

Marfa Spirits Chihuahuan Desert Sotol

Apr 29, 2022

No batch number listed on bottle. I chose the 45% ABV bottle over the 40% because …. why not??
On the smell is the classic grassiness & earthiness I love so much with a sotol. Taste follows through a bit with with the same notes, although some peppery, mint as well. Heat is in check. I love sotol, and have a liter of this one to think about, but it’s by no means my favorite.
Review #153

Cuentacuentos Cuish

Apr 9, 2022

Damp, earthy smell. The taste is lighter though than I prefer, some caramel, but does have some burnt notes. If you look for it you can taste the madrecuixe (I simplify as a ‘creamy, woody sweetness’), but compared to others I’ve tried this week, it doesn’t quite hold up to how good this agave can taste. Also, great brand, but this is one of my least favorite of the bunch.
Review #152

Cuentacuentos Coyote Ancestral

Apr 9, 2022

Strong, tangy, red apple smell. Reminds me of the espadin variety. Taste comes with more sweet, fruity notes with a crisp finish. Some graham crackers, dark fruit, with the classic clay pot tanginess. Low smoke and very well balanced. 4.25 but could get higher if I had a whole bottle…
Review #151

Cuentacuentos Tepeztate – Serafín

Apr 8, 2022

Lote: MGG-12T
Great, green tepeztate nose – vegetal, jalapeno, green pepper. Taste is a bit flatter though, with a good tangy finish. Doesn’t follow-through with the strong nose, and maybe some slightly sour notes at the finish. Well rounded and good, but as a huge tepeztate fan, this one is slightly above average at a 3.75.
Review #150

Maguey Melate Tobala w/ Apples – Maria Alicia Alva Sanchez

Mar 20, 2022

Honestly not much apples in this apple tobala. There is a sweeter smell, and some candy sweetness on the taste…I just don’t get the apples. Solid tobala though, and curious to what this would taste like withOUT the apples.

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