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Hi all Matthew here! I am new to this wonderful world of Mezcal. I live in MI where our selection is very limited looking for to connecting to this community~
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Donaji Joven

Dec 14, 2018

So for me this is not my favorite style of mezcal. Less emphasis on the extreme smoke and leather. I will say though this is very nice still. I get a very smooth, nutty, lite smoke flavor. There are also herbal and earthy notes. If you are looking for something smoother without as much bite this might be what you want. This reminds me a lot of Se Busca joven as well.

Se Busca Mezcal Joven

Nov 16, 2018

Well I took one for the team. I have been waiting for a review to pop up to see if this was worth a try and no one jumped so I did it myself. Honestly this one is very confusing to me. It is complex in the fact that the nose/finish/taste/ are so distinct and different to me personally. On the nose I get a lot of vanilla and nutty vibes. kind of sweet smelling with just a hint of what’s next. When I sip it it doesn’t really remind me of anything immediately I like in a mezcal. In fact it tastes like Mezcal lite. I get some smoke and wood but very lite. So I suppose this would be great for those who struggle with the stronger smokier, more leathery mezcals. It’s not bad but it’s not really great either. I get some smoke and wood but very lite. Those vanilla and nutty notes carry over. It is very hot and spicy to me as well. Just totally confused on this one. I would love to read some one else’s opinion. Also I might add for the price range I feel there are infinitely better choices 2.5 stars right in the middle

Sombra Joven

Oct 3, 2018

Hot alcoholic smoke,Not very complex
Really Cool thick bottle but nothing to bring you back. The smoke was nice but I personally like more complexity. For the price though I would go with Vida or this anytime. It was awhile ago I drank this so I am going to have to give this one more chance and re-review.

Pelotón de la Muerte Espadin

Oct 3, 2018

I just keep coming back to this one. I have more expensive and pricy options but this is just a neat sipper. I get spearmint, citrus, lite smoke, a fruity sweetness, Woods, leather, earth, pepper. Actually more complex than I expected from the cheesy logo. Worth a try you may dig it.

Del Maguey Tobala

Oct 1, 2018

Yet another unique personality from Del maguey. Strong Funky cheese opening. It’s like smoke, banana leaves, soft hickory, and burnt rubber mixed together. It is smooth on the finish. I get a leather that reminds me of and old dirty worn horse saddle. I get a strong burnt rubber taste That develops. The smoke is earthy and reminds me of a bonfire that has been burning for days. It has a sour bitterness on the finish. For me this is a great experience but not worth the extra price tag. I personally would rather stick with my favorite Chicicapa❤️

Xicala Mezcal Joven

Sep 25, 2018

Excited to be the first to review this!!! So I am from Michigan. Our selection seems to be very limited thus far but growing. This seems to be a new offering from the mezcal gods~ Man I just really dig this one tons of smooth character with a warming clean finish. I get Lite blonde woods, Spice, and Fresh agave. The smoke and leather are also lite with a hint of Vanilla which exudes a creamy nature. At the heart of this spirit I get a earthiness. You can taste the time. It’s refined classiness keeps you coming back for more. Better neat than mixed.

Del Maguey Chichicapa

Sep 24, 2018

Man this one is a complex beast. I get a super old funk like I can actually taste the old stone that crushed the agave. It’s almost like a deep dark well. There are things growing in it, a little musty, a earthiness, time. It is very animalic, leather, wood, spice, smoke, clay, rubber on a hot day. All of this in the best way possible. Not for the faint of heart. Lov this juice~

Ilegal Joven

Aug 22, 2018

This Mezcal is an exquisite spirit. If I could give half stars I would have rated this 4.5 if possible. Rough and refined at the same time. This is rock and roll to me smoke, energy, sweet vanilla creaminess. This one is great drinking neat at a bonfire with friends and fAmily under the stars and is also equally as good in a mixed drink. This one has a persona. Lite leather lite warming woods. CleAn with just a ghost of earthiness. ?

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