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La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra

May 23, 2020

Clear. Strong agave, spices (pepper), wood (balsa), mild cheese. Sweet, berry, cream, white chocolate, minerals, ends with mesquite smoke. Light body, medium burn, herbal finish.
Lovely, complex aroma and flavors, pleasant mouthfeel.
Alcohol 43.5%
Date 12 – 18
Lot 27
Bottle 108 – 720

El Buho Especial Tobala-Espadin

May 21, 2020

Clear. Butterscotch, vegetal. Dry, cream, mild salt. Light body, crisp, caramel finish.
Alcohol 47%
6 months stainless steel
Batch 1,752 L
Lot 01/TOB-ESP (2017 April)

El Buho Especial Tepeztate

May 21, 2020

Clear. Strong vegetal, cheese. White chocolate, pepper. Mild burn, lingering finish.
Interesting, slightly funky.
Alcohol 48%
20 months stainless steel
Lot 02/TPZ (2016)
Batch 1,680 L

El Buho Especial Jabali

May 21, 2020

Clear. White flowers, vanilla, wood. White pepper, minerals. Mild burn.
Balanced, relatively smooth.
Alcohol 50%
8 months stainless steel
Lot 02/JAB (2018 April)
Batch 738 L

El Buho Especial Ensamble

May 21, 2020

Clear. Banana, agave, pineapple. Spice, coffee, vanilla. Burn.
Aromatic nose but harsh feel.
Alcohol 50%
7 months stainless steel
Lot 01/ENS (2018)
Batch 1,174 L

El Buho Especial Cuishe

May 21, 2020

Clear. Herbal, pepper, white chocolate. Grass, pepper, minerals, earth, smoke. Chocolate finish.
Pleasant blanco, interesting chocolate.
Alcohol 48%
12 months stainless steel
Lot 02/CSH (2016)
Batch 1,297 L

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