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Lagrimas de Dolores Verde

Sep 23, 2022

Don Gilberto Roldan
Lot : V-6
Nose : Mineral, lactic, mild cheese, vegetal, bell peppers and some mole..
Taste : sweet with some Parmesan cheese, sugar coated greens. Magical..
Finish : oily mouthful, very light smoke
Very balanced and complex stuff. Don Gilberto is the man.

5 Sentidos Madrecuixe – Tio Tello

Mar 25, 2022

Nose : Vegetal, sugar coated peanuts, some vanilla, cloves and cooked agave at the tail end.
Taste : sweet and buttery, minerals, icing sugar, pastries with powdered chocolate.
Finish : Vegetal, sweets bbq sauce.
This is really doing it for me. Hitting all the right notes. Second bottle..

Papadiablo Arroqueno

Jan 28, 2022

Batch : PPD – 01AR
Nose : Hubbabubba gum, sweatbread, a little mint, soy sauce, minerals and dusty.
Taste : brown sugar dominates, something chocolatey, vegetal and very balanced.
Finish : everything dances into a slow standstill. Slightly smokey.
Probably the best arroqueno that l ever had!

5 Sentidos Chino

Dec 17, 2021

Jose Ines Vieyra
Lote :Ch01-19CA
Nose : pink Starburst is bang on. I also get strawberry cheesecake and some farmy aspects as well.
Taste : strawberry yogurt, powdered icing sugar and a bit of bbq smoke.
Finish : a little oily, sweet with some ash.
Very one dimensional. But what a dimension!! This stuff leave an impression. Both novice and seasoned mezcal drinkers are always blown away by this one.

5 Sentidos Pichomel

Dec 10, 2021

Lote : PL01-19CA
Nose : powerful and savory with butter, bell peppers, chillies, bananas and something lactic at the tail end.
Taste : Wow! Complex and powerful. Although I taste tepeztate, this is a different beast. Salty, cheesecake, dirty and vegetal.
Finish : tingly on the tongue, bbq smoke and butter.
Quite a roller-coaster ride. This is on steroids..

Origen Raiz Sotol

Oct 22, 2021

Batch 04SVG1 2020
Edition 03
Nose : smells like a public pool, felt marker, prune grappa and caramel
Taste : almond syrup, vanilla, slightly herbal and oily.
Finish : long and some sweet smoke

The wild nose sometimes can be off-putting but the taste is quite balanced. Interesting.

Mezcalosfera Bicuishe/ Tobala/ Madrecuishe – Margarito Cortés

Sep 24, 2021

Lot 01CA-19
Nose : Iceberg lettuce with brown sugar sprinkled all over, banana ice-cream, fresh tobacco and throw in the public pool.
Taste : fresh and exhilarating, garden greens with simple syrup topped off with warm spices.
Finish : dry yet sticky? Hangs on for a while..
Outstanding ensemble, completely blown away

Rey Campero Tepextate

Sep 3, 2021

Lot DS011-T March 2018
Romulo Sanchez Parada
Nose : floral and cinnamon like spices , earthy peppercorns. Smells more like a tobala.
Taste : ahh there’s the tepextate! Bell peppers, vegetal, pretty sweet with medicinal candy and celery.
Finish : drying effect. Short with the right amount of smoke.
Very solid and well priced

Don Mateo Cupreata

Sep 3, 2021

I did not get the batch number.
Nose : Very delicate citrus with a bit pepper.
Taste : Very clean. Some sweet pine and more citrus fruits.
Finish : short.
Well priced but maybe more of a really good cocktail mezcal

Origen Raiz Cenizo

Jul 16, 2021

2017 edition 4
Nose : getting a strong scent of rye whiskey. Oak, leather and brown sugar dominates with peat and spices in the background.
Taste : Ashy vanilla then fruit (mainly cherries) and cream. Big Texas bbq notes as well.
Finish : More peat ( Ardbeg corryvreckan)
This has whiskey written all over it and I already rode that train…

Rezpiral Lumbre – Leonardo Hernandez

Jul 9, 2021

Series 4
Nose : Sugar cane syrup, spring flowers, lemons and vanilla. Smells like you are standing in a French pastry shop.
Taste : sweet vanilla then herbal on the back end.
Finish : oily and greasy then clean and dry.
Not the most complex Mezcal out there but damn does it hit all the right notes.

Rey Campero Jabali

May 22, 2021

Batch : ds007-j
This was long overdue….
Nose : Juicy fruit up front, then cinnamon and pears. Vanilla and tropical fruits come in and out.
Taste : bubble gum, light smoke, fresh green peppers, fresh and summery.
Finish : dry, peaty and sweet.
I’ve heard many people raving about this bottle and now so will I..

El Jolgorio Espadin

Mar 5, 2021

Rafael Mendez Cruz
Edition 8
Nose: soft and pillowy. First a little citrus comes through, then vanilla and green vegetables, followed by blueberries and sugar cane.
Taste : gentle and big, floral with minerals and green. I also get something like toffee.
Finish : lingering light smoke mixed in with some sweetness.
Balance comes to mind on this one. This is the Bordeaux of espadins…

5 Sentidos Azul – Delfino Tobón Mejia

Feb 12, 2021

Lot AZ01-19CA: 117 bottles
Nose : butter, citrus, onions with butterscotch. Celery that turns into fresh sea air.
Taste : clean, oily, mostly candied pineapple slowly changing something rather grassy
Finish : keeps you interested and wanting more…
Dangerously drinkable

5 Sentidos Papalote – Delfino Tobón Mejia

Jan 8, 2021

Batch : PA01—19CA
Nose : timid at first, then starts to open up after 5 minutes. I get strawberries and pure chocolate. Very savory with tons mushrooms.
Taste : brown sugar dominates. Meaty , slightly spiced and a touch of basil.
Finish : no smoke, sugary and clean.
Right up there with El Jolgorio tobala.

Tosba Tepextate

Dec 11, 2020

Lot : 17
Nose : Vegetal and earthy. I get bell peppers, some late dusty peat and vinger. Vibrant yet not screaming.
Taste : a little thin. Hardly any smoke. Green and sweet but the tepextate magic is subtle.
Finish : long and powerful, seems to make up for its first impression.

5 Sentidos Sierra Negra

Dec 6, 2020

Nose : Barnyard funk, earthy and leather all up front with strawberry cheesecake and bagaso ending things
Taste : powerful, sweet, loads of cinnamon, clay and again strawberry cheesecake.
Finish : this doesn’t end… Peppery, smokey and sticky.
Do not start your evening with this mezcal!

El Jolgorio Cuishe

Oct 30, 2020

Edition 13
Ignacio Parada 2016
Nose : Ashy, vegetal with cilantro being the dominant note. Also getting floral and a little cinnamon.
Taste : Very smokey, sweet and vegetal
Finish : smokey and medicinal.
As an Islay fan can appreciate the smoke. However this could of been a stellar bottle if the smoke was not at 11.

Mal Bien Tepextate – Cortes

Jun 26, 2020

Felipe & Ageo Cortes
Batch #0618
ABV : 50.2%
Nose : subdued, Definitely vegetal with green peppers up front, some cooked agave, mint, sugary and farmy at the end.
Taste : after reading Johnny’s review, all I taste is green flavored freezies. The power of suggestion….
Finish : medium and dry with some smoke.
Wish the volume on the nose was slightly notched up, otherwise very solid Tep.

Pescador de Sueños Tobala

Apr 16, 2020

Year : 2014
Nose : wild, dusty and earthy is what came first. Peat and honey slowly creeps in. Bubble gum and a pair of leather boots that’s been put to work for 25 years on a some farm.
Taste : having a hard time trying to to put a finger on it. Honey comb and flowers dipped in gin.
Finish : trying to rinse out Buckley’s.
F**king complex wow…..

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