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Rey Campero Espadin

Jun 6, 2022

I had a sample in 2022 from the online shop Weisshaus.
Unfortunately a bit too bitter on the finish.
Nose: grassy citrus freshness, agave, sweetness, some coal smoke, alcohol, herbs. Palate: Agave, spices, alcohol, herbs, charcoal smoke, somewhat bitter. Finish: herbs, bitterness (bitter almond, grapefruit), agave.

Rey Campero Tepextate

Apr 4, 2022

I bought a sample in 2022. Great, very complex mezcal: On the nose: citrus fruits, spices, earthy, grassy, ​​herbs, agave, sweet light fruits, lychee, floral, straw with honey, hint of smoke. Palate: Agave, spices, light acidity, bitterness (grapefruit & orange peel), nutmeg & pepper. Finish: Spices, pepper, grapefruit peel, some fruit acid, nutmeg, smoky pepper with perfume; very long (agave & pepper & smoke remains).

Mezcal Local

Apr 2, 2022

Mild, fresh and unusual. Recommended for those who like to try or for mixing. On the nose: mild & fresh, sweet light canned fruits, citrus fruits, alcohol and a subtle note of turpentine/color. On the palate: alcohol, spices, herbs, fruits, agave, pepper. Finish: Spices, subtle herbs, warming, bitter.

Yuu Baal Anejo

Apr 1, 2022

Well-aged Añejo, nice complexity, pleasant smoke. On the nose: caramel, wood smoke, charcoal, fruit, brown sugar, slight note of glue. Palate: Fruits, wood smoke, spices, charcoal, agave, brown sugar, pepper. In the finish: spices, sugar cane, agave, pepper, subtle bitterness, herbs; very long.

Gracias a Dios Tobala

Mar 21, 2022

A very soft and at the same time complex Mezcal: Sweet fruits on the nose, subtle smoke, charcoal, earthy-herbal, mineral, agave and anise. On the palate sour agave, spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, hint of cumin, clove), herbs and subtle bitterness. On the finish spices (especially cloves), some herbs, subtle bitterness, wood smoke, charcoal and anise. Very long finish. Very pleasant and interesting Mezcal Tobalá!

Ilegal Anejo

Mar 12, 2022

Mi first Mezcal (after many many Whiskys, some Rums and few Tequilas). Lot 172:
Ripe fruit on the nose, caramelized smoked pineapple, oak, cinnamon with ripe apples, hint of agave, brown sugar. Fruity-caramel-spicy on the palate, smoke (wood smoke, coal, ash), sugar cane, smoked caramelized tropical fruits, warming. Smoke on the finish, slightly spicy, some caramel and sugar cane, long (a lot of wood smoke remains). Great stuff!!!

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