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Vago Espadin – Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez

Apr 15, 2022

Firewater or Liquid Razorblades, take your pick. Not enjoyable. Plus there is a lingering funk that my guess would be from a dirty still, funky fermentation, ?? Rebrand it Puntas so I can avoid it.
Fortunately this bottle was under $50.
Lot E-37-E-20

Halfway through the bottle it mellowed out quite a bit, but still got a lotta punta

Machetazo Espadin

Dec 4, 2021

Great value from a great area, definitely not a waste of money. One of my favorites is from Chichicapam.

Machetazo Salmiana

Dec 4, 2021

Nice for the price. I bought it for the state other than Oaxaca, and single distillation. Must be great to live in Mexico and freely drink native moonshine. One distillation to me brings up flavors of the mason jar stuff, but from maguey. Smooth and flavorful, not polished, can taste where it comes from. Makes me want to visit.

Sacrificio Anejo

Aug 19, 2021

Haven’t had a tinto Mezcal in a while, now I remember why. Fortunately bought it on sale. Not bad, just that barrel flavor should stick to grains and not plants. Just not a good mix for me.

Sacrificio Tobala

Aug 19, 2021

Good thing I got it on sale. There are some off flavors in there, just don’t know where they came from. Pepper and a lot of bite. Gets better as the bottle goes down with the Tobala really coming through.
Lot MST014 24-02-2020, 45%

Mezcal Meteoro

Jul 31, 2021

Bought this cold at a Specks along I-35 near San Antonio. The label had the right stuff, the bottle looks like it is sourced in Mexico, the plastic stopper has “CAYO DEL CIELO” as a reverse relief print on top. Rubbed a little ink on it and you have a cool ink stamp with a saying that is fitting for this Mezcal. Very cool!
Really surprised how good it was for about $38. I like a good thick mouth-feel and this one is nice and tastes like Oaxaca.
Batch PCF09-1701
Bottle 1010/5000

Sotol Onó

Jul 14, 2021

Nothing wrong with it. To me just doesn’t have a flavor of origin, kinda neutral. Very nice thick mouthfeel. Easy to drink.
Lote A002
NOM 159 SCFI 2004

Oro de Coyame Sotol

Jul 14, 2021

Lote 0001, 48% abv
I like it! When I open a Sotol I expect that flavor of Dasyliron Wheeleri and this has it at a good value! Mucho Gracias!

Banhez Espadin & Barril

Jun 9, 2021

Outstanding value for the money, nuff said!
Watch out for different labels for the same juice.
Lot BA00020EBA21

400 Conejos Joven

Apr 17, 2021

Price point and would be a good one to start out on. Not bad, but not a lot of flavor to go wrong on.
Batch 00221BE046 40%

Vago Tobala en Barro

Feb 9, 2021

Last trip to Oaxaca hit gold when buying some bottles of this from the man himself. No info on the lot and such since it was his personal label, but ABV was a handwritten 50.0%
This one was very earthy, in a very powerful way. I don’t know the word but you can literally taste where it came from in a beautiful way. That day will come when the last bottle is opened damit.

Fidencio Clasico

Dec 22, 2020

Lot C0220
Very nice mouthfeel, creamy. Do not detect the 47.9 at all.
Has flavor notes that are flat and off putting at the start of the bottle but it got really good as it went.
But it was inexpensive and sippable.

Really opened up after the bottle went down. Nice rich thick feeling on the tongue.
Nice traditional name Fidencio. The rest of the bottle label shows this as well.

Xicaru Silver 102

Dec 18, 2020

Bought for the description- for a heart cut of the distillation run. Very clean and sweet mouthfeel. No alcohol sting, just a nice alcohol bite, so no heads (puntas?) detected here as I can tell. I only drink straight so maybe a good one to cut into a drink or something.

5 Sentidos Espadin – Berta Vasquez

Sep 2, 2020

By FAR the best espadin I have had so FAR!
ALL of her juice has her touch.
If you are ever in Oaxaca, skip the overpriced bar, and drive to her house in Chichicapam. She’s not hard to find. You will make a friend and put money in the pocket of the producer. The next morning after tasting this espadin at this bar, we were on the road to track her down. It is that good!

Luminar Añejo

Sep 2, 2020

The oak flavoring is nice if you want to taste this on a tequila. To me this ain’t mezcal at all.

Luminar Reposado

Sep 2, 2020

Tastes like a cheap tequila with some nice oak flavoring.

Luminar Joven

Sep 2, 2020

Tastes like a cheap tequila, next!

Lalocura Tobala

May 6, 2020

My favorite Tobala so far.
Bought at the palenque so no specifics other than May 2017 distillation. 47% abv.

Lalocura Tobasiche

May 6, 2020

Oh yeah, good stuff. Resisted the temptation of rubbing it on my chest.

Lalocura Tobasiche-Espadin

May 6, 2020

Purchased at his palenque in Santa Catarina Minas. My bottle from Lalo is labeled “Mezcla” and he was adamant in calling an ensamble Mezcla, so not sure what gives.
Espadin/TObasiche that was distilled in August 2019, 48.8% abv.
Since Tobasiche is just about my favorite, I would rather sip it just by itself. The blend of this didn’t seem to compliment each other as well as just keeping them separate. Lalo’s Tobasiche is fantastic.

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