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Hi, my name is Markus. I work as a spirits educator and consultant in Austria. As I do love to help people in Europe understanding the beauty of agave spirits I am always searching for new products and people sharing this tasteful passion.
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Se Busca Mezcal Joven

May 19, 2022

The dominant note is green bell pepper which makes this mezcal quite specific. It has many green, grassy and herbaceous notes with a touch of spice and hardly any smoke. Certainly not one of the most complex ones but definitly an interesting aroma profile.

NOSE: green bell pepper, mint, white pepper, a touch of smoke
PALATE: green bell pepper, green vegetables, a hint of wood
FINISH: medium, bell pepper

Miel de Tierra Joven

May 19, 2022

The mezcal for tequila lovers? Typical Tequila characters. A hint of pepper but no smoke. Unexpeted creamy and sweet on the palate. Actually a nice sip but for an artesanal mezcal mechanisation is a bit high – that’s why it got only 3 stars.

NOSE: cooked Tequilana agave, honey, some grass notes, a bit of spice and citrus aromas
PALATE: sweet spices, a touch of agave, cocoa
MOUTHFEEL: round, creamy
FINISH: medium, sweet spice notes

Yuu Baal Madrecuixe

May 19, 2022

Clear and fresh agave character in the nose. Really nice and fruity expression of a madrecuishe on the palate. Great experience.

NOSE: typical agave aromas, herbal, green vegetable notes, some citrus, a bit of pepper
PALATE: fresh, fruity, a touch of sweetness, slightly smoky
MOUTHFEEL: bold and creamy
FINISH: long, agave with some sweet notes

Yuu Baal Tepeztate

May 18, 2022

Partita: YJ04-18 – Bottella 50/60 – 40% abv
A nice and smooth mezcal even if not the most typical expression of Tepeztate.

NOSE: salty, agave, a combination of spicy and mild woody notes, herbs
PALATE: agave, herbal, salty, a hint of smoke
MOUTHFEEL: smooth and round
FINISH: medium length, fruity with some minerality and a touch of agave

Derrumbes Michoacan

May 18, 2022

LOTE 2 – BOTELLA 43/1300 – FECHA 11/15
This tasteful ensamble of two agave varieties and the production in Michoacán make this mezcal a wonderful example to experience flavours from the raw material and the region it was grown in.

NOSE: agave, green vegetables, pepper, minerality, touch of smoke
PALATE: slightly smoky, typical agave notes, fruity, hint of sweetness
MOUTHFEEL: full bodied, smooth, velvety to oily
FINISH: long with agave and slighty smoky

Del Maguey VIDA Clásico

May 18, 2022

LOT No. VID-188
It is a really pleasant product to introduce a smoky type of mezcal to newbies or for a nice cocktail creations. A good mezcal to start the journey.

NOSE: typical aromas, bonfire smokiness, fresh, citrus, typical agave, some green notes
PALATE: smoky, fruity, slightly spicy
MOUTHFEEL: silky with a mild citrus-like astringency
FINISH: medium length with fruity and smoky notes

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