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Pensador Ensamble

Nov 26, 2019

Mild and citrusy smell, smooth on the tongue with a peppery flavor but also hints of acetone.

Mezcal Meteoro

Nov 26, 2019

Mild smell, balanced on the tongue with a peppery taste. Slightly harsh aftertaste.

Los Cuerudos Joven

Dec 28, 2018

smell is very mild, hints of both agave and acetone. upfront it is very smooth, almost watery in your mouth with a mild sweetness similar to a tequila. the aftertaste is more like a mezcal where the smokiness comes through.

Enmascarado 54

Dec 28, 2018

smell is very pleasant and resembles a tequila with agave as the dominant component, but with a hint of smokiness. taste is intense upfront, but has a nice aftertaste that is balanced between agave and more traditional mezcal flavors (peppery). overall, solid.

Quiquiriqui Matatlan

Dec 17, 2018

smell is mild with sweet notes and a smokiness at the end. flavor is earthy up from and also has elements of smoke and pepper. slightly harsh, but overall a nice joven style.

Marca Negra Tepeztate

Dec 16, 2018

smell is mild, slight sweetness, almost a little earthy (or like vegetables). flavor doesn’t have much smokiness or pepperiness of most mezcals. has a slight sweetness but is harsh in flavor and not my favorite.

Bruxo No. 3 Barril

Dec 15, 2018

smells of agave and is nice and light. flavor is quite complex, a slight copperiness upfront but with a woody and sweet finish. a slight harshness, but overall a very interesting flavor profile that is very enjoyable.

Corte Vetusto Espadin

Dec 15, 2018

smell isn’t very strong, if anything it’s similar to acetone. smokiness is subtle and there is an overall bitter flavor that i am not a fan of. it is smooth and crisp on the palate, just not a fan of the flavor profile.

Derrumbes Michoacan

Dec 15, 2018

smell is very subtle, predominantly smokiness with a hint of agave. flavor to me is very balanced and smooth with a slight harshness on the backend. to me this is a very traditional mezcal and is very good, nice and smoky.

Ven A Mi Reposado

Dec 15, 2018

smell is very subtle, notes of citrus and agave. taste is very smooth and crisp with mild notes of agave and pepper. aftertaste is not as pleasant as most mezcals, seemingly harsh but with a typical smokiness.

Papadiablo Espadin

Dec 10, 2018

smell is nice and smokey. flavor is what you expect, a mixture of smokiness, pepper, and a slight sweetness up front. overall it is a bit harsh, but a typical nice mezcal.

GEM&BOLT Mezcal + Damiana

Dec 10, 2018

smell is citrusy with a slight hint of pepper. flavor is a bit harsh and undeveloped. the typical smokiness is there but is overtaken by a more bitter, and in my opinion off putting flavor (somewhat of acetone). not for me, but could see likers of damiana enjoying it.

Ilegal Reposado

Dec 7, 2018

smells more like a tequila being agave forward but there is a subtle hint of smoke and pepper. taste is smooth, has hints of a typical mezcal but is also quite sweet and caramelly. the aftertaste resembles a typical mezcal with a more peppery linger. would only recommend if you want a less traditional mezcal with sweet notes, but under that billing it is quite enjoyable.

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal

Dec 7, 2018

smell is mild with the typical pepper notes but also has hints of coffee. taste is a bit harsh up front which masks the coffee flavor, but it does come through on the aftertaste. very unique mezcal, would have to be in the mood for it but as as someone who enjoys the flavor of coffee, I thought this mezcal was very good.

Marca Negra Ensamble

Dec 5, 2018

smell is mild and slightly peppery, smokey and citrusy. taste is strong up front but smooths out a lot and has a very nice after taste (with the same flavors).

Amaras Espadin

Dec 4, 2018

smell is mild and a bit peppery, up front the flavor is slightly harsh and it finishes the same way. flavors seem undeveloped, hard to discern many unique flavors.

Corte Vetusto Ensamble

Dec 3, 2018

mild, almost citrusy notes for the smell, flavor was not overly complex and slightly harsh up front with a nice relaxing finish.

Derrumbes Durango

Dec 2, 2018

smell is sweet (fruity) and subtle, taste is light up front with a strong but very tasty linger.

Santo de Piedra Mezcal

Dec 1, 2018

floral, very smooth, good after taste.

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