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Lagrimas de Dolores Tepemete

Nov 18, 2021

Botella -3

A very surprising drop from the augustofolia family, very close to a salmiana agave drop( thinking of derrumbes san Liu potosi). Super green, strong notes of moss, celery and peppermint, as it lingers it has mint candy notes and a long smoke finish. A hard drop to find in Australia but one very well worth your time if you can get your paws on it


Bruxo No. 4 Ensamble

Sep 9, 2021

Lot 01544D, bottle 228

A delicious and weighty Mezcal. Almost oily on the tongue but I think the karwinski agave ratio to the espadin is top. Ensures a sweeter,medium smoke product with a soft brown sugar top, lingering earthy finish (almost wet soil). Good hit of citrus on the palette too.Good entry to ensembles.

Let it in ya! Get it up ya!

Bozal Cenizo

Feb 4, 2021

Lot no 012019, 47% alc,

One of the sweeter bozal productions , as is very common wherever maguey cenizo is involved. Lovely vanilla, clove and butterscotch notes on the nose. Mouthful is definitely true to the nose with a lingering smoke. However, compareded to Lagrimas De Delores, Bozal Cenizo definitely feels like a small bar fight in the back of the throat (in the best way) to remind you of the semi wild component to harvesting. A truly excellent product for anyone who is timid about Mezcal or lovers of sweeter reposados.

Let it in ya,get it up ya!

The Mezcal Padawan

Del Maguey Chichicapa

Feb 4, 2021

Lot chi-192/48% ALC

A delightful surprise as I had almost begun to assume that the best expressions of maguey espadin are in the Nuestro Elsoledad range. A delightful citrus note on the palette, with slight floral and peppery notes in the lingering finish, very comparable to San Luis Del Rio espadin expressions (a touch more vibrant than Del Maguey Vida in my opinion). The nose does not give up much beyond an oily component behind the smoke. I felt like I was getting a hint of overcooked olive oil somewhere.An excellent and relatively inexpensive bottle that should be considered in the list of “gateway” Mezcal for those new to this spirit.

Let it in ya,get it up ya!

The Mezcal Padawan

Lagrimas de Dolores Durangensis

Dec 2, 2020

For all the Mezcal hustlers

Bottle 29, lot 6-NG

This expression of durangensis is easily one of my most highly regarded “gateway drinks” for anyone new to drinking Mezcal. Very smooth, lovely sweet buttery/caramel notes while retaining enough lingering smokiness to remind you that this is definitely a Mezcal. Slight black pepper after tones in the back palette finish off this delicious bottle. If you are lucky enough to be in the hospitality industry with access to this bottle it would be a shame not to talk about this to guests both as an educational tool and as an easy way to introduce yourself to “the wine of spirits” (shout out to my Mezcal mentor Carlitos)

Dixeebe folks, get amongst it

Lagrimas de Dolores Masparillo

Nov 20, 2020

This is a very complex and smooth Mezcal.Sweet on the nose (reminds me of the taste of El Jolgorio Tobala, but on the nose), but tastes like an evolving sweet, then vegetal, then black pepperish adventure with a lingering “if drinking volcanic rocks was good” after tone. Definitely a stand out product to sip on.

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