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Frequently Asked Questions – Brands

Here are a few frequently asked questions that we get from brand owners and representatives. We hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions about Mezcal Reviews, please contact us.


Is Mezcal Reviews an online liquor store?

No, Mezcal Reviews is a free website for learning about agave spirits and reading reviews from fellow enthusiasts. Certain pages may have links to stores where mezcal can be purchased online.


My company has an agave spirit or sotol brand, how can I get my brand on your website?

It’s easy! Just contact us via email to get started. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive agave spirits resource on the internet so please send as much information as possible about your product. Information including:

  • Production process
  • Producer name / family background
  • Production village, town, state
  • Image of bottle on a white (or transparent) background

We also like to help tell the brand story so tell us how the brand got started and its connection to the production. Sell sheets are helpful too. We always appreciate getting samples but it is not a requirement.


Does it cost anything?

No and it never will. Mezcal Reviews will always be a place for free information about agave spirits and sotol where any brand, big or small, can be part of it.


Can I ask my friends, family, or newsletter followers to write reviews?

No, we strongly encourage all brands to refrain from soliciting reviews; this leads to biased reviews and degrades the authenticity of the Mezcal Reviews platform. You can read more about our policy here. If you disagree with our suggestion we politely ask that you direct your review solicitation efforts to other spirits websites and/or online retailers and not Mezcal Reviews.


Can I tell anyone about Mezcal Reviews? Don’t you want promotion?

While we appreciate your willingness to help promote our website, when a brand promotes the site it can lead to biased reviews.


Does Mezcal Reviews make money?

Mezcal Reviews generates a small amount of income through Amazon Product Ads (mezcal related products) and direct Website Advertising. All income is used to pay for website infrastructure and it helps partially fund our yearly trip to Mexico where we dedicate our time to learning more about agave spirits. We share our learnings and experiences in Mexico through the Mezcal Review blog.

If you’d like to learn more about advertising opportunities, please contact us via email.


Some information about my product is incorrect, can you fix it?

Of course, we always want to provide the most accurate information. Please contact us via email and we will make the updates.

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