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Don’t ask for reviews

Since launching Mezcal Reviews in 2016, we have worked with over 250 brands and grown the mezcal database to include agave spirits both exclusive to Mexico and exported abroad. While most experiences with brands have been positive, a few brands have asked their family and friends to write reviews. As you might expect, all of these reviews were generic 5-stars reviews and some were even written by the brand owners themselves.

While it might seem natural to encourage your family and friends to help promote your mezcal, these reviews are inherently biased. The mission of Mezcal Reviews provide a platform for true mezcal enthusiasts and connoisseurs to provide their insight on the various mezcals on the market. If all 250+ brands added their own reviews, the website would become useless for the tens of thousands of mezcal fans from around the world that visit the site every month.

We care most that the content on Mezcal Reviews is high-quality, reliable, and organically motivated. This is why we align our policy with websites like Yelp (https://www.yelp-support.com/article/Don-t-Ask-for-Reviews) and censor reviews that are biased. Unfortunately review websites require as much moderation as social-media platforms, and we do our best to moderate fairly.

If your team is interested in using our site for advertising purposes, we have formal advertising opportunities that we are happy to discuss with you. These opportunities include advertisements on our website, sponsored blog posts, and sponsored social media posts. If you’d like to learn more about our advertising opportunities, please email us at [email protected]

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