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Mezcalosfera Tobala/​Verde/​Madrecuixe/​Cuixe/​Espadin

Mezcalosfera Tobala/Verde/Madrecuixe/Cuixe/Espadin is a rare mezcal that is hard to find. It’s a complex offering that keeps you wanting more.

Rating: (11 reviews)
Brand:Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca
Mezcalero:Felipe Cortés
Agave:Cuishe, Espadin, Madre-Cuishe, Tobala, Verde
Distillation:Copper, Refrescador
ABV: 52.1%
Batch size: 587 liters
Release year: 2016
Website: http://mezcaloteca.org/mezcalosfera/
About this mezcal

Mezcalosfera Tobala/Verde/Madrecuixe/Cuixe/Espadin is made with 20% agave Tobala, 60% agave Karwinskii (Verde, Madrecuixe, Cuixe), and 20% agave Espadin. The agave used in this mezcal were harvested at high altitude, and they were cooked using mesquite & encino wood. The agave was fermented for 8 days and then double distilled in a cobra con refrescadera still. This fantastic mezcal was made by Felipe Cortes in Miahuatlan in November of 2015. The total batch (lot 01-15) was 587 liters.

Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca

Mezcalosfera de Mezcaloteca is the exported bottling from Mezcaloteca, the famous bar in Oaxaca City that is renowned for their educational tastings. They source all of their agave spirits directly from producers in seldom-traveled parts of Oaxaca that are often hard to get to. They put an exceptional amount of information on their labels, and all of their releases are very small batches that exhibit the most unique characteristics of mezcal. Though only a few batches have been brought into the US, there are dozens upon dozens of different varieties available for sale at their tasting room in Oaxaca City. Most of their spirits are labeled "Aguardiente de Agave", however all of their limited exports are certified "Mezcal". These mezcals are imported into the United States by Heavy Metl Premium Imports, which also imports popular brands Mezcal Real Minero and Rey Campero Mezcal.

11 reviews

4.8 of out 5 stars

Cortes on Jan 29, 2019

5 reviews

  • Overall:

Incredible. Amazingly complex flavors. Sings in your mouth and leaves your palate wanting another sip. Floral with delicate sweetness. Slight nuttiness in the finish. But like others mentioned, there’re so many flavors, it’s hard to nail down. Can drink this all day, but best savor for special occasions. Worth the price, you won’t be sorry!

Wanderingspider on Nov 19, 2018

15 reviews

  • Overall:

First off, I want to say this mezcal scores 4.25-4.5/5.
It took a few weeks to blow off some of the 52% alcohol.
It’s peppery, eucalyptusy and savoury. Great sipper. Almost perfect dryness level. The expression of the specific
agave is lovely. Highly recommend trying this if you see it.

StevenR on Nov 9, 2018

13 reviews

  • Overall:

Just fell off the wagon with this gorgeous lady! White chocolate covered strawberries..WTF!! Sweet spicy and tangy.. the balance here is so dialed I want to hide this bottle away and only speak of it in a hushed voice ..this beautiful effort from Felipe Cortés is my new favorite

COak on Oct 4, 2018

50 reviews

  • Overall:

I love anything by Felipe Cortés and this one only makes me like him more. Super floral and juicy, I love it.

thamthong on Sep 4, 2018

46 reviews

  • Overall:

absolute fruit bomb and very bright. utterly drinkable to boot. a pleasure to sip on, though for all of its complexity and overabundance of flavor, it sort of just drops off on the finish. wish i could get a bottle of this.

Aequivinius on Jul 24, 2018

6 reviews

  • Overall:

Beautiful mezcal, and only 4/5 stars because I don’t like the floral type of mezcales too much. But this is beautifully put together: irises, violet soap and a caseous flavour in the nose, with some red clay and dried mint underpinning. Truly exceptional! Sweet in the mouth, again this strong caseous note, baked sweet potatoes, nattō. Great texture, no burn at all. Leaves a nice floral touch and slightly salty finish. (25 VII 18, lot 13SZ-17)

razorbackmike on Jan 9, 2018

89 reviews

  • Overall:

WOW!WOW!WOW!incredible!way too many flavors to sum up.like trying to catch a downpour in a paper cup.sweet,savory,salty mineral and floral.taste is never focused but swirls to different effects.the finish seemed to have a birth and then a rebirth.long and incredible!amazing.i feel like i need to lock this bottle in a safe and only open on the most special days!

Joseph on Jun 17, 2017

18 reviews

  • Overall:

Otherworldly flavor profile. The nose and palate are bursting with an array of hard-to-pinpoint flavors. Truly complex. Nice soft, almost velvety mouthfeel. To attempt to describe the flavor, there’s some earthiness, minerality, and floral notes – but really, its an incredibly unique flavor experience that seems almost ineffable. Worth the price tag in my opinion.

Keith on Jun 16, 2017

33 reviews

  • Overall:

Mineral salt and a little bit of mint on the nose, the salt carries over to taste with soft vegetal notes, and a warm buttery mouthfeel going in; white pepper, celery salt, subtle smoke, Manchego cheese, and delicate sweetness in the long finish. I love this Mezcalosfera second US release.

Jonny on Jun 16, 2017

274 reviews

  • Overall:

Mind boggling! This has hundreds of flavors. It’s both earthy and futuristic at once. When humans finally terraform a new planet, I imagine that the rivers and streams of this new planet will flow with a liquid that is as delicious as this mezcal. It’s salty, spicy, and sweet. There’s so much going on that it’s really hard to describe. It’s a lot like staring up at the Milky Way. This mezcal is totally incredible.

Tyler on Jun 15, 2017

249 reviews

  • Overall:

Incredible juice. Like leathery Dr. Pepper on the nose – tons of flavors that are difficult to pick out. Like many mezcals from this region there are flavors of salt throughout. There is a lot going on here with notes of honey, cinnamon, and peat. Expensive but worth the experience.

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