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Ensamble mezcals are a combination of two or more agave species distilled together in a single batch. Typically, the agave piñas are also roasted and fermented together as opposed to mezcal “blends” which are separate distillations are mixed together to create a final product. Every ensamble mezcal is different as each mezcalero uses different agaves (and different proportions of each agave type) to create their ensambles. The mix of agaves can produce wildly-different flavor profiles. Ensambles are the traditional style of making mezcal during a time when mezcaleros would pick whichever agaves were ready for harvest, regardless of species.

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*It should be noted that certain mezcaleros use the term “blend” to describe what is called an “ensamble” in the above text. Additionally, the term mezcla (mixture) is sometimes used to describe either method.

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