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A post-distillation blend is not the same as an ensamble mezcal. Blends are a result of separate distillations being blended together into a final product. These distillations may occur days, months, or even years apart from each other. Blends do not necessarily involve different types of agaves. In contrast, ensambles are mezcals made with two or more agaves and the different plants are cooked, crushed, fermented, and distilled together. A reason to do a blend instead of an ensamble is often to have more control over the final taste of the mezcal; this concept is similar to how mezcaleros often “blend” the heads, hearts, and tails of a single distillation together.

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*It should be noted that certain mezcaleros use the term “ensamble” to describe what is called a “blend” in the above text. Additionally, the term mezcla (mixture) is sometimes used to describe either method.

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