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A room with a table of mezcal flights and a Mezcal Reviews sign on the wall

The Annual* Mezcal Reviews Anniversary tasting party is one of the premiere events in Austin, Texas. Each year, thousands of mezcal fans await the special date.. hoping for an invite. Those lucky few enjoy a night of mezcal flights, food, and high ABV conversation. Okay, that might be a bit exaggerated, but there has always […]

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4 bottles of El Jolgorio Mezcal Tepeztate

We started Mezcal Reviews in 2016 as a way to “connect the dots” between mezcals. As more mezcals arrived on US shelves each day, it became difficult to keep up (it still is). The goal was to make it easy to see the connections between different mezcaleros and brands. The website was also a way […]

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Four bottles of different types of spirits from Mexico

No doubt you are spending more time at home right now if you live in the United States. The pandemic affects daily life and mezcal consumption is at an all-time high (as far as we can tell!). Our group of mezcal friends have been organizing mezcal tastings over Zoom and Hangouts these past few months. […]

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Mezcal Scotch Tasting Image

Mezcal: The New Scotch

Mezcal can’t really be the new scotch. Both spirits have been around for ages, and they each have their unique cultures and histories that support them. The way in which consumers are beginning to treat mezcal, however, is more like what it truly is: a world-class spirit that’s worthy of the highest esteem. And what […]

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Mezcal Reviews Tasting Table

Time keeps on sippin’ sippin’ sippin’.. into the future. Let that mezcal spirit carry me. 2019 was a big year for Mezcal Reviews. Jonny shared some of our biggest milestones in the annual review blog. Another year also meant another anniversary celebration. Like we did in 2018, we swung open the doors of our mezcal […]

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New Does Mezcal Go Bad Air Bottle

Does Mezcal Go Bad?

Does mezcal go bad? Or more specifically, does mezcal in an opened bottle eventually go bad? We’ve seen several threads on Facebook, Reddit, and elsewhere over the years that have asked this question. Some have posited that oxygen or oxidization would have a negative impact on the spirits over time. Others have referred to results […]

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Gusto Historico Real Minero Pechuga

Typically, a vertical tasting consists of three (or more) different batches of the same product. The concept of a vertical tasting was first introduced to me at King Bee in Austin, TX. King Bee has done some great vertical tastings in the past, and my first experience was a Rey Campero vertical tasting, which included […]

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Mezcal Reviews Agave Cuixe Tasting bottles

For our fourth blind tasting blog, we decided to blind taste eight different mezcals made from agave Cuixe. Similar to agave Madrecuishe, agave Cuixe is popular for use in mezcal. Agave Cuixe mezcals are often made from wild-harvested agaves (though they can be cultivated) and tend to be less sweet and have earthy and grassy […]

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Random bottles at Mezcal Reviews 2nd Anniversary Party

Mezcal Reviews turned two years old in September 2018 so naturally we decided to throw a party to celebrate. Jonny and I dug into our personal mezcal collections and created a tasting of 7 unique flights with 3 mezcals per flight. We wanted it to be a celebration first and a tasting second; we arranged […]

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Pastry War Wahaka vdm

While Wahaka produces many fantastic mezcals that are more readily available, the Wahaka VdM line is some of the hardest to find and most expensive mezcal on the market. The name VdM stands for “Vino de Mezcal,” which is an old name that was used for agave-based spirits before Mezcal and Tequila were considered individual […]

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Mezcal Reviews Pechuga Blind Tasting bottles

Mezcal Reviews is on its third blind tasting and we’re not slowing down. The “research” must continue as I tell my girlfriend. Jonny and I are off to a strong start after doing blind tastings of agave Tepextate and then agave Tobala mezcals. This time, the agave species isn’t the theme but rather the style […]

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Mezcales de Leyenda at Spirits of Mexico 2017

It’s no coincidence that Mezcal Reviews started in Austin, Texas. As we’ve previously covered in this blog, our city offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy mezcal. Beyond local bars and restaurants, there are number of agave-focused spirits events in this city every year including Mezcal Fest at Takoba, Mexic-Arte Museum’s Taste of Mexico, and Austin Tequila […]

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