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Don Luis feeds fire under small clay pot stills

“Have you ever tried raicilla?” they asked, late into a mezcal-soaked Friday night. It was August 2016 in Austin, Texas. A few hours earlier, Jonny and I decided to do some serious mezcal research after ending the work week. The plan was to visit some of the top mezcal destinations in Austin. We began our […]

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Chacolo Bottles Hero Image

The Volcán de Colima most recently erupted in early 2019, spewing fire and volcanic ash up to 13k feet above the crater. Our friend Pancho was camping on its steep slope when the eruption first started. “I heard this deep sub-surface crack,” he told us. “Like a bone breaking far beneath the ground we were […]

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Bottles of Hacienda de Bañuelos and Los Portillos

After two years without an annual Mezcal Reviews research trip (¡pinche covid!), we finally traveled back to Mexico in May 2022. Our previous trips brought us to Oaxaca – by far the biggest mezcal producing state. After multiple Oaxaca trips, we knew it was time to expand our horizons. Mexico is a huge country with […]

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Cascahuin Distillery

We don’t drink much tequila. Most tequila on the US market is mass-produced and over-industrialized, which is a major a turnoff. While almost all tequila distilleries have seemingly lost their way with the use of diffusers and other chemical additives, there’s still a very small handful of producers that are making tequila the traditional way. […]

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Caballito Cerrero UNESCO Distillation Site

Our first contact with Caballito Cerrero came several years ago, at our annual Mezcal Reviews Party. The celebration marks the anniversary of the launching the Mezcal Reviews website, and it coincides nicely with Mexican Independence day in September. We typically have 6-8 pre-selected flights, on which we gather feedback, and there are usually another 15-20 […]

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