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Aguafuerte Joven

Aguafuerte Joven is made in Guerrero with agave Cupreata. It's fruity on the nose with tasting notes of butter, cocoa, and light smoke.

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Brand:Aguafuerte Mezcal
ABV: 43%
Age of plant: 7-12 years
Website: http://aguafuertemezcal.com/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Aguafuerte Joven is made with wild agave Cupreata in the state of Guerrero. The agave Cupreata is also known as maguey Papalote or Ancho, and it typically takes between 7-12 years to mature before it can be harvested. This mezcal is traditionally produced and distilled in a copper still. It’s complex on the nose with fruity notes of green apple, banana, and guajillo chile. It’s smooth with tasting notes of chocolate, butter, and slight smoke.

Aguafuerte Mezcal

Aguafuerte is a mezcal made in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Like many other mezcals from this state, their mezcal is made with agave Cupreata.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars7 years ago

Tasty, smooth and quite good balance, cacao and fruity flavours. In the aftertaste you can feel the agave, very green. Very recommended!

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