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La Penca con Gusano

La Penca con Gusano is produced in San Luis Potosi. It is lightly rested in white oak barrels after distillation.

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Brand:La Penca Mezcal
Style:Con Gusano
State:San Luis Potosí
ABV: 40%

About this mezcal

La Penca con Gusano is distilled from Agave Salmiana and aged briefly in white oak barrels. After distillation, a worm is added to the bottle of mezcal. This mezcal is produced in the state of San Luis Potosi.

La Penca Mezcal

La Penca Mezcal is a brand from Vinicola del Altiplano S.A. DE C.V. which was founded in 1995. Their main mezcal brands are Mezcal Chacmol and Mezcal La Penca.

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