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Memorable Arroqueno

Memorable Arroqueno is made with the massive maguey Arroqueno, which can take over 20 years to reach maturity.

About this mezcal

Memorable Arroqueno is made with the mighty wild maguey Arroqueno (agave Americana). This mezcal is distilled by Maestro Mezcalero Tito Pablo in Santiago Yogana, which is located just off the road en route from Oaxaca City to the town of Miahuatlan. While batches may vary, this typically sits around 48% ABV.

Memorable Mezcal

Memorable Mezcal curates their mezcal from several fine producers in and around Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. They focus on the wild agave that grow in the region. Their releases may vary greatly per batch, as different batches of the same agave may be from different producers located in the same general region.

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4.33 out of 5

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153 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Smells very “arroqueño” indeed, with leather and bright Virginia tobacco. Charentais melon, papaya and tanned leather, earthy, roasted agave — spicy, herbal and fruity in the way that only arroqueños can be. Good one.



10 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5 stars4 years ago

A rare bottle, definitely go for it if you have the chance. Full of tropical flavours – coconut, banana, pineapple. Well distilled. Well balanced. One of the best



3 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars5 years ago

Produced Spring 2014, bottle 60 / 306, lot A7-03. My bottle has an orange band around the bottom as apposed to green. Smells dense, earthy, roasted agave with maybe a hint of clay influence? Thick and viscous. Tastes sweet with citrus, mint, and a vegetal earthiness. Overall a very solid Arroqueno. I would say Del Maguey Arroqueno is slightly better.

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