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Tesoro Perdido

Tesoro Perdido de Oaxaca, meaning "Lost Treasure" in Spanish, is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico.

About this mezcal

Tesoro Perdido de Oaxaca, meaning “Lost Treasure” in Spanish, is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. According to the description on Total Wine, this mezcal is made with “wild agaves carefully cultivated throughout the valleys” and the recommendation is to “enjoy [it] on the rocks”. Flavor notes include notes of agave, smoke, and wood. Given the bottler and ABV, is possible that this mezcal and La Cava de los Morales Mezcal are the same product under different labels.

Tesoro Perdido

Tesoro Perdido de Oaxaca is a Total Wine & More Spirits Direct brand. According to the label, it is bottled by Destiladora de Valle de Tequila based in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. The company also produces tequila and is headed by Eduardo Morales, the 3rd generation of the Villanueva family distilleries.

Total Wine Spirits Direct

The US retailer Total Wine & More buys directly from distilleries for inventory at their many stores. These close relationships give them exclusive access to spirits at lower prices.

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Rated 3 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Didn’t get Lot. For the price I found this to be great. Similar profile to Vida or other entry level mezcals, smokey but not tire fire. Use in cocktails, eat trash, be free.

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