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Agave Tobala Mezcal Blind Tasting Lineup

During our first blind tasting, Jonny and I tasted six different agave Tepextate mezcals. For our second tasting, we decided on agave Tobala and then took inventory of our mezcal “collection”; remember folks, it’s a hobby, not an addiction! Together we had about nine different bottles of Tobala with some overlap. That might sound like […]

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Agave Tepextate Mezcal - Blind Tasting

When we first stared working on Mezcal Reviews, Jonny and I thought that once we had about 100 bottles on this site, we’d be struggling to find more to add. As of this writing, the site has 260 bottles and we’re not slowing down! Over the last few months we’ve tried a lot of mezcal, “collected” some […]

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Best Mezcal Mix Drinks Cocktails

When it comes to finding the best mezcal for mixed drinks, you’ve got a lot of options. Perhaps you’re looking to add subtle smoke to a Margarita, a Paloma, or a Mexican Martini. Or maybe you’re looking for a new take on gin, bourbon, or whiskey drinks like an Old Fashioned, a Moscow Mule, or […]

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Selection of mezcals at the Mezcal Reviews launch party tasting

Mezcal tastings are a great way to bring people together, and they’re perfect for introducing new people to the world of Mezcal. In celebration of the launch of this website, we decided to have a private Mezcal tasting for 18 of our friends. Mezcal’s magic wand had already touched some of them, while others hadn’t […]

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