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Mezcal Real Minero palenque fermentation vats

If you’ve tasted Mezcal Real Minero, you know it’s special. It can be difficult to find due to their limited production and certain bottles retail for as much as $180 in the United States! While that is not cheap, in my experience their product is some of the finest. Others seem to agree.. as of […]

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Agave Tobala at the Mezcal Real Minero agave nursery

Did you know it takes a minimum of about 8 years for an agave plant to reach maturity before it can be harvested for use in tequila, mezcal, agave nectar, and other products? Spirits like whiskey and scotch might be barrel-aged for a similar length of time but the crops needed to produce those spirits can be […]

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Mezcal Union Palenque Pano

Mezcal Union is a favorite among bartenders in both the US and Mexico. You’ve likely seen it at a liquor store or at your local corner bar. If you’ve ever looked at their bottle closely, you may have noticed that it’s made with both agave Espadin and agave Cirial. This is noteworthy, because almost all […]

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