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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we often get about the website. If you have any other questions, please email us!


What is mezcal?

It’s more than smoky tequila! Traditionally, “mezcal” is any spirit distilled from agave. In that sense, tequila is a mezcal too. However, like tequila, mezcal as a product is regulated by the government of Mexico and must adhere to certain rules in order to be legally labeled as mezcal when bottled and sold.


Who we are


What is Mezcal Reviews?

Mezcal Reviews is a review website specially focused on mezcal. You can also find spirits like bacanora, raicilla, and sotol on the Mezcal Reviews. Tequila bottles are not on Mezcal Reviews. If you want to search a tequila database, we recommend Tequila Matchmaker.

In addition to our large database of agave spirits, we also write frequently about our mezcal-related travels to Mexico and elsewhere on the Mezcal Reviews blog.


Does Mezcal Reviews make money?

Mezcal Reviews generates a small amount of income through Amazon Product Ads (mezcal related products) and direct Website Advertising. All income is used to pay for website infrastructure and it helps partially fund our yearly trip to Mexico where we dedicate our time to learning more about agave spirits. We share our learnings and experiences in Mexico through the Mezcal Review blog.

If you’d like to learn more about advertising opportunities, please read our Brand FAQ.


Writing reviews


Can anyone write reviews?

Yes, just create an account to get started. You will be able to create a member profile and write reviews. Learn more about becoming a member.


How are brands and bottles added to Mezcal Reviews?

Most often, new listings are added when members request them. Is something missing? Email us! Additionally, brand reps often contact us to have their bottles listed (see Brands FAQ for more about that process). Since we are based in the US, we actively add new bottles as we see them in stores, bars, and restaurants. In order to ensure accurate information, we do not have an automated way to upload bottles.


Is there a way to review the same mezcal over multiple batches (or lot numbers)?

Currently we only allow 1 review per bottle per reviewer. We believe that combining batch notes into a single rating helps convey the overall experience of a mezcal and provides a decent representation of the overall combined star rating. The majority of folks ordering mezcal at a bar or in a store won’t be aware of batch differences. At the same time, agaveholics (like us!) can dig into specific reviews for batch info. If you want to add notes from multiple batches, use the Edit Review feature.


Buying agave spirits


Can I buy mezcal on Mezcal Reviews?

No, but you may see links on this website for online stores that sell mezcal.


Where can I buy a certain bottle?

First, try our online partner store – click the Buy this mezcal link on the bottle page. If you are having trouble finding a certain bottle, we recommend you try a search engine like Wine Searcher or 1000 Corks.

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