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Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo

Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo is aged for three years and eight months. This aging gives the mezcal it's dark color and sweet flavor.

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Brand:Agave de Cortes
Mezcalero:Leoncio Santiago
Style:Extra Añejo
Town:Santiago Matatlán
ABV: 43%
Website: http://casacortes.mx/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo is made from agave Espadin by Leoncio Santiago in Santiago Matatlan. This mezcal was produced using a traditional volcanic stone horno, horse-drawn tahona, and pine fermentation tanks. It’s distilled in copper stills. After distillation, this mezcal is aged for three years and eight months in wooden casks, giving it it’s caramel color and taste.

Agave de Cortes

The Cortes family has been producing, packing, and trading mezcal in Santiago Matatlan for five generations. They own and operate the restaurant and mezcaleria known as Mezcalogia in Central Oaxaca City, and they also produce and curate the brands Nuestra Soledad and El Jolgorio

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4 out of 5

2 reviews



1 review
Rated 5 out of 5 stars4 years ago

My favorite high end mezcal.
Bottle 94/250
Edition 12
Aged 3 yrs 8 months!
Harvest 2009
Unbelievable oak smoke and sweetness. This is a sipper.
I got lucky to find it. Been looking for years for this on east coast. Also, the liquor store [and distributor] didnt know what they had. Bought a couple bottles for 56 each.
Agave de Cortes is really good mezcal. Joven is very good as well.



7 reviews
Rated 3 out of 5 stars5 years ago

Medium amber colored
Fragrant scotch and cream soda aromas, thought I was drinking whisky.
A beautiful spirit but seems more like a crossover with little agave character to my taste

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