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Batuq Blanco

Batuq Bacanora Blanco is traditionally produced on the beautiful Rancho “Batuq,” outside of San Pedro de la Cuerva, Sonora, MX.

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Brand:Batuq Bacanora
Bacanorero:Rafael Encinas Molina, Rafael Quijada
Distillation:Copper, Steel
Age of plant:8-12 years
About this bacanora

Batuq Bacanora Blanco is produced with estate grown maguey Yaquiana (Pacifica, agave Angustifolia) that typically takes between 8-12 years to reach maturity. Rafael has been experimenting with planting agave on his ranches for over 20 years, achieving biological sustainability, and he is working with NGO’s on Bat Friendly plantings. There are only about 3,000 to 5,000 liters of this produced annually. While this is produced by Rafael Encinas Molina, Rafael Quijada is the Maestro Vinatero.

Batuq Bacanora

Batuq Bacanora is owned by the family of Rafael Encinas Molina. It's produced on their ranch outside of San Pedro de la Cuerva, Sonora, MX. Rafael Encinas Molina does not like the flavor of wood and smoke and his goal is to maximize the flavor of the agave, so he uses a hybrid method. The harvested pinas; are processed two ways: 1) roasted underground in a traditional shallow maya; with mesquite and ironwood for 48 hours, and 2) processed in a mesquite fired autoclave (no electricity on ranch).

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