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Cielo Rojo Bacanora Blanco

Cielo Rojo Bacanora Blanco is produced by Maestro Bacanorero Roberto Contreras, a 5th generation producer of this Sonora spirit.

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Brand:Cielo Rojo Bacanora
Bacanorero:Roberto Contreras
Distillation:Copper, Steel
ABV: 45%
Website: https://www.facebook.com/CieloRojoBacanora/, opens in new window

About this bacanora

Cielo Rojo Bacanora Blanco is produced by maestro bacanorero Roberto Contreras Mayoral, whose grandfather made artisanal Bacanora during the time of the Mexican revolution. The maguey Pacifica used to make this bacanora are cooked underground for 36 hours and then fermented with wild yeasts in stainless steel vats for 8-10 days. They are then distilled twice in an alembic still that has a stainless steel pot and a copper condenser.

Cielo Rojo Bacanora

Cielo Rojo Bacanora continues the traditions of the Mexicanos and Opatas Native Americans, who produced small batches of ancient Bacanora in the canyons of the Sierra Madre mountains in Sonora, Mexico. Cielo Rojo sees Bacanora as the purest artisanal spirit on the planet: wild silvestre agave hearts are packed out by burro; taken from rich, red soil; pure spring-fed water; fire; wild yeasts and copper stills. That’s it. Nada mas.

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 years ago

Pleasant and vibrant bacanora. We are nearly in sotol territory with earthiness and herbal qualities dominating the nose and palate to begin with, eventually lychee and peel of Seville oranges like an old fashioned British marmalade. Some pine needles and leather blends with a fruity finish.
Batch 1-2/17, 420 litres produced.

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