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El Real De Alamos Bacanora Blanco

El Real De Alamos Bacanora Blanco is full of salinity and seaside aromas and flavors that fill the light and easy body of this spirit.

About this bacanora

El Real De Alamos Bacanora Blanco is produced in Álamos, Sonora, a town which is designated Pueblo Magico by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism due to the town’s natural beauty, cultural riches, and historical relevance. This Bacanora is of course produced with maguey Pacifica (Agave Angustifolia). The agave is cooked in a traditional underground oven with mesquite and oak. After a wild fermentation, there are two distillations in stainless/copper stills

El Real De Alamos Bacanora

El Real De Alamos Bacanora is produced by the father and son Bacanorero duo Ramon Miranda Urrea (father) and Eduardo Miranda (son). The two of them own and operate the brand, which celebrates the rich history of the Bacanora spirit, and continues its artisan traditions as well as the sustainability of its production and the agaves used.

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