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Fósforo Tobalá Penca

Fósforo Tobalá Penca is a unique release that it is aged for up to three months in small glass carboys alongside a cooked agave penca slice which imparts a complex and savory flavor.

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Brand:Fósforo Mezcal
Mezcalero:Aarón Alva Sánchez
Style:Abocado, Aged in Glass
Town:San Nicolás Huajuapan
ABV: 43%
Age of plant: 8-15 years
Release year: 2022
Website: https://www.fosforomezcal.com/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Fósforo Tobalá Penca is produced by mezcalero Aarón Alva Sánchez San Nicolás Huajuapan, Puebla using cultivated Maguey Tobalá which grows for 8-15 years. The harvested plants are cooked underground for 5-8 days, shredded, and then naturally fermented for 10-14 days in open-air wooden vats. The pulp and liquid are then double-distilled in copper pots. The Tobalá Penca release is unique in that it is aged for up to three months in small glass carboys alongside a cooked agave penca slice. This process imparts a complex and savory flavor. This release is bottled at 43% ABV.

Fósforo Mezcal

Fósforo Mezcal is another celebrity mezcal from Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. He spent nearly three decades savoring some of Scotland’s finest whiskies which led to a fascination with mezcal. Since the mid-2000s, Jim has tasted well over 200 different expressions from around Mexico and was always searching for the perfect mezcal. Lisa Detwiler, Jim’s wife, set out to find mezcal greatness and develop a brand that would echo Jim’s quest for perfection. In late 2018, after having visited a number of producers, Lisa and Jim met mezcalero Aarón Alva Sánchez and Mariana Hernández. After spending time in the community, seeing the agave fields and tasting the exceptional liquid, they knew that they had found something special.

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