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Mal Bien Madrecuixe – Ramos

Aug 23, 2022

In general, when I think of Karwinskiis, I think of piney flavors. There’s some of that greenness in the background, but it’s buried under a ton of sweet, fruit forward notes that remind me Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda, than a classic mezcal. Really playful on the first sip, and continued on to the last.

Lagrimas de Dolores Masparillo

Aug 10, 2022

Batch M10
Dry grass and firewood on the nose. The palate is a beautiful range of flavors that remind me more of an herbal tea than what I normally think of with mezcal – lots of vanilla, ginger and winter spices that add to the warming quality of the alcohol.
This was my first experience with the Lagrimas de Dolores brand, and with Masparillo, and I’m eager to try more of both.

Mal Bien Espadin – Morales

Aug 10, 2022

Batch CLM25 45.5%
Pretty straight up Oaxacan espadin. clean, some hard to pin down fruit, lots of earth, a bit of petrol. More than anything, I like that the smoke feels balanced, and doesn’t blow all the other flavors out, which seems to be the direction so many bottles in this $40 range are heading. Probably 3 stars if I was drinking it blind, but 4 stars for something in this price range.

Mal Bien Alto

Aug 2, 2022

Mouthwatering in such a strange and wonderful way. It tastes like I’m drinking it inside of a greenhouse – somehow my mouth feels humid. It reminds me of fresh cut, green wood, moss, melons and cucumbers. So fun and different from other mezcales I’ve had from Michoacan. I return to this one again and again.

NETA Tepextate – Aniceto García

Aug 1, 2022

Excellent marriage of what I’ve come to recognize as Miahuatlán’s mineral qualities with tepextate’s tightly wound green flavors and aromas. I’ve had a couple of other tepextates from Neta but this is the first from Aniceto, and it’s seriously top flight. Of course I’m late to the party and the tiny batch is long gone. Hopefully they release more from Aniceto soon.

Lalocura Espadín con Quiote (Capón)

Jul 27, 2022

Sweet and salty, like the best caramel dessert. The other espadins I’ve tried from Lalo were really good, but this was on another level. Super deep flavors accented with a little funk (in a good way). In the glass, it’s a 4, but I’m giving it an extra point for making me rethink the complexity of espadin agaves.

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