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Xicala Mezcal Joven

Nov 25, 2021

Had to submit a review on this one after my dive into Mezcals. This was a chance purchase from a Costco liquor visit, and not like many of my guided purchases. Immediately after opening the bottle, I did not get the smoke and notes I was expecting from the mezcal, but more of a rich joven, with citrus notes and agave richness. The smoke was there, just not prominent. Second taste revealed the citrus and peppers, with deep citrus and agave. Mouth feel is pure agave and smoke, with a warm, smoky finish that is remarkably satisfying. It invites another sample. This review marks the finish of a six month finish of Lot xj-06, bottle #1547, and will prompt another purchase for me and my friends. Pure enjoyment, and will be my starter mezcal for friends after 25+ other mezcal samples. May not be my favorite mezcal, but so far it will be the inviting taste I want to entice others into the journey.

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