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Lobo de la Sierra Raicilla

Aug 15, 2018

Having tasted the la venenosa sierra occidental (maximiliana agave, same distiller family) and the venenosa puntas (also maxim. And exact same distiller) before, i didnt think this one would blow me away. Before opening i was a bit weirded out by the low abv at 40%, but boy does it deliver.
In my opinion even more than the puntas also from don gerado at 64%.

Fecha 03-18
Lot 1
Bottle 95 of 200

The nose is a beautifully bright mix of ripe peaches, mirabelles and wet stone in the back.

Almost no alcoholic burn at all.
Tastewise more minerality, a bit stonefruit (more like plum), supplemented with light smoke.
All underlying with that funky raicilla kind-of-acidity.

Toasted minerality stays medium long the other flavors fade rather quickly.

Drinks like water, tastes heavenly, price is very reasonable, could be even higher in my opinion. Again in comparison with the puntas, the lobo costed me a third and is a lot better (ridiculous shipping and tax on my bottle of puntas). Very good entry level for smokey agave distillates but it will spoil you.

Bozal Ancestral

Jul 8, 2018

I like this one a lot. Got to try 2 different bottles of it. First one was added as a gift to an order for the restaurant i was working for. Second one i talked the distributor into selling me a bottle privately.

The nose reminds of white/green tea, chamomile, wet wood and smoke, very floral over all.
Taste is very smooth and sweet at first, a little tea, then smoke, minerality and wood.

If u can get one, do so! I paid around 70€ in germany for it. For a limited edition, especially an ancestral, of this taste a very good price in my opinion.

Lot No. 000116, February 2016

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