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Bosscal Pechuga de Conejo

Bosscal Pechuga de Conejo is a pechuga made with rabbit and apples.

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Brand:Bosscal Mezcal
Style:Joven, Pechuga
ABV: 42%
Website: https://www.bosscal.com/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Bosscal Pechuga de Conejo mezcal is made using 100% Agave durangensis (Cenizo). The Bosscal Pechuga production is limited due to the special ingredients of the local apples that must be in season in order for them to be added to the distillate. This mezcal is triple-distilled and the third distillation requires the vapors to pass through a suspended, skinless rabbit (“pechuga” means ‘breast’ in Spanish) before it condenses to form the mezcal one can drink.

Bosscal Mezcal

Bosscal Company is based in the state of Durango and is committed to being a true artisanal operation using no chemicals or alteration methods. They produce premium “Mountain to Market” agave Durangensis mezcal from an underrepresented state. Their vision is to pave the way for agave spirits from all of the states of Mexico, not just the ones that currently have achieved the designated Denomination of Origin.

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