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Bosscal Mezcal Joven

Bosscal Mezcal Joven is hand selected and produced by a 4th generation Mezcalero in collaboration with the Bosscal team. This mezcal has light smoke and soft citrus notes.

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Brand:Bosscal Mezcal
About this mezcal

Bosscal Mezcal Joven is hand selected and produced by a 4th generation Mezcalero in collaboration with the Bosscal team. Following the traditional and artisanal production methods, Bosscal refuses to use chemical products or make alterations that may affect the true essence and flavor of high-quality mezcal. The agave is cooked with volcanic rock in artisanal earth ovens, then ground by hand with axes before being fermented in oak wood vats and finally double-distilled in stainless steel stills. Bosscal Joven is a 100% organic, unaged mezcal created with traditional distillation methods. It was created to be enjoyed neat. The distinct aroma and flavor profile of this mezcal has gained favor with top chefs and mixologists alike. This mezcal has light smoke and soft citrus notes.

Bosscal Mezcal

Bosscal Company is based in the state of Durango and is committed to being a true artisanal operation using no chemicals or alteration methods. They produce premium "Mountain to Market" agave Durangensis mezcal from an underrepresented state. Their vision is to pave the way for agave spirits from all of the states of Mexico, not just the ones that currently have achieved the designated Denomination of Origin.

5 reviews

3.9 of out 5 stars



3 reviews
2 months ago

Smooth. Light. Easy to drink. Simply a very good choice when you don’t want to complicate yourself. Love it



7 reviews
4 months ago

Light, citrusy, and piney. A bit different but I enjoy it. It wouldn’t be a typical go-to for me because I usually like something that packs more of a punch. However, it still has a good amount of flavor for being a lighter mezcal. If you’re trying more than one mezcal in the same night you’ll want to drink this one early on. I could also see this being a good introductory mezcal to someone who might shy away from a stronger, smokier drink.



38 reviews
9 months ago

Bright, light, unique. I really liked this one! It had a lot of character for being considered a lower proof mezcal. Crispy and citrusy nose at first, but as it breathed, I started getting light diary with a hint of grass. Imagine morning dew that was made of milk. In the mouth, tropical fruits like papaya with smoke. Sweet caramel and toasted sugar finish. Wasn’t overbearing in any way, so it’s very approachable.



12 reviews
1 year ago

Lot 15 Light and clear, nice balanced smoke with a roasted vegetable flavors and a nice fresh pine forest scent.

2 years ago

I’ve had a couple different bottles that varied quite a bit. The best showing was filled with tropical fruits on the nose. Lots of passionfruit and also some banana and ripe kiwi. Good balance overall between acidity and sweetness with just of touch of smoke coming through.

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