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Cat Joven

Cat Joven is made with agave Espadin and it’s meant to be used in cocktails. It’s flavor notes are muddled and soft.

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Brand:Cat Mezcal
ABV: 40%
Website: http://www.cattequila.com, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Cat Joven is made with agave Espadin. It’s 40% ABV and meant for cocktails. It’s on the lower end of the price spectrum and has a NOM in the DF, which means that it was not bottled in a mezcal-producing state. It’s flavor notes are muddled and soft.

Cat Mezcal

The idea for Cat Tequila Cinnamon Hot came in 2010 while the founder was traveling in Mexico and Ecuador. The original idea was to make a Tequila that was spicier and easier to drink. This idea matured and Cat Tequila was born. Cat Tequila Silver, Cat Mezcal Joven, and Cat Mezcal Anejo were soon to follow.

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Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars7 years ago

A local liquor store gave me a free sample of this and it was honestly hard to finish. It tastes extremely watery with a hint of burnt tires. Calling this “mezcal” is a stretch. I’d recommend almost anything over this. It’s not worth trying, even if given to you for free.

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