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Cuentacuentos Tobala – Everardo Garcia Salvador

Cuentacuentos Tobala from the late Everardo Garcia Salvador was produced in the small community of San Pablo Mitla, Oaxaca.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Mezcalero:Everardo Garcia Salvador
ABV: 47.5%
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About this destilado de agave

Cuentacuentos Tobala from Everardo Garcia Salvador was produced in the small community of San Pablo Mitla, which is also home to the Mitla ruins, the second most important archeological site in the state of Oaxaca. Everardo passed away tragically before his mezcal reached the US in early 2022. He was a big producer of cremas, which were a commercially viable way to continue distilling. In addition to the cremas, he sold his mezcal locally in his community.


Cuentacuentos curates small-batch traditional mezcals and destilados de agave from producers across the state of Oaxaca. Cuentacuentos released its first 6 mezcal expressions in 2018; future releases from the brand will change over time and include non-certified mezcals. The logo and bottle artwork (by artist Cesar Ruiz Conseco) features an opossum or tlacuache in Spanish. The tlacuache on the logo is El Viejito, the little old man opposum who stole mezcal from the demons as a service to humanity. The tlacuache ranks with the jaguar, eagle, and burro in importance in Zapotec, Taina, and Mexican mythologies. The Cuentacuentos motto is Mezcal brings people together, stories make us friends.

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3.63 out of 5

4 reviews



45 reviews
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars11 months ago

Lot EG003 Bottle 282/665
Very good Tobala. Banana aroma, smokey, alcohol is prominent. Bit hot, but finished the bottle faster than others.



229 reviews
Rated 3 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Lots EG003. Bottle 530/665. Bought this because I was so impressed with Everardo’s (RIP) madrecuixe. It smells like an green apple orchard. It’s a very pleasant, apple, and vanilla on the palate. Solid tobala.

Zack Klamn

Zack Klamn

542 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Fruity (red apple). Celery. Sweet potato. Very approachable. 2 oz pour at Las Almas Rotas in Dallas, TX. Great stuff!



708 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Lot EG003. Bottle 530/665. Clean nose. Aromas of white sugar, nail polish, and lime. The palate has notes of vanilla bean, potatoes, and white rice. This is subtle and nuanced. Deep and brooding. A little heat on the back of the palate. Very enjoyable.

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