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Cuentacuentos Cuish

Cuentacuentos Cuish is produced by Maximiliano “Serafin” García Gerónimo outside of San Dionisio Ocotopec. The flavor profile of this mezcal is fresh, vegetal, green and bright.

About this mezcal

Cuentacuentos Cuish is produced by Maximiliano “Serafin” García Gerónimo on a small hillside outside of San Dionisio Ocotopec. The agave is cooked for 72 hours in a traditional underground horno and then milled by a horse drawn tahona. It is then naturally fermented in 5-6 days and doubled-distilled in copper pots. Tails from the distillation are used to adjust the spirit to approximately 48% ABV. The flavor profile of this mezcal is fresh, vegetal, green and bright without the unwanted aromatics.


Cuentacuentos curates small-batch traditional mezcals and destilados de agave from producers across the state of Oaxaca. Cuentacuentos released its first 6 mezcal expressions in 2018; future releases from the brand will change over time and include non-certified mezcals. The logo and bottle artwork (by artist Cesar Ruiz Conseco) features an opossum or tlacuache in Spanish. The tlacuache on the logo is El Viejito, the little old man opposum who stole mezcal from the demons as a service to humanity. The tlacuache ranks with the jaguar, eagle, and burro in importance in Zapotec, Taina, and Mexican mythologies. Cuentacuentos is bottled under NOM-O20X by Carlos Méndez Blas. The Cuentacuentos motto is Mezcal brings people together, stories make us friends.

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4 out of 5



8 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5 stars10 months ago

Lot MSG006, bottle 15. This is one kick ass cuishe! It is luscious on the front with bright tropical fruits – think mango and pineapple – and then it just glides into a lovely finish of rich roasted agave and lingers beautifully. Well done!



503 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 years ago

This new brand is exciting. The founder is incredibly passionate about working with talented producers and being transparent about the production process. I can see why people love this agave Cuishe mezcal. There are tons of earthy and grassy notes along with soft lemon peel and cooked agave. With a slight tartness and zero bite, this is a great representation of an agave Karwinskii mezcal.



528 reviews
Rated 3 out of 5 stars3 years ago

Lot CCCM7. Bottle 64/267. Sweet green aromas and slight hints of cold white onions on the nose. The palate is grassy and vegetal with a hint of dust and old books. There’s some heat on the back of the palate, but not unpleasant. This is worth trying but I preferred the Tepeztate and the Coyote from this brand.

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