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Don Amado Rustico

Don Amado Rustico is a strong Espadin mezcal that is made in Santa Catarina Minas. It has notes of fruit, minerals, and clay.

Rating: (3 reviews)
Brand:Don Amado Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Bonifacio Arellanes
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Santa Catarina Minas
About this mezcal

Don Amado Rustico is made in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca by mezcalero Germán Bonifacio Arellanes. The same distillery also produces Mina Real Mezcal. This mezcal carries a bit of smoke, but it doesn’t overwhelm the fruit and floral notes that mix nicely with notes of minerals and clay. It is silky on the palate with a vibrant finish. At 47% ABV, this Espadin mezcal is meant to be sipped neat, not mixed in a cocktail. The ABV of this mezcal may vary slightly by batch.

Don Amado Mezcal

Don Amado’s mezcaleros carefully handcraft all of their mezcals from 100% mature highland agave plants. After roasting the hearts of these premium agaves in wood-burning earthen pits, the plants’ treasured juices are distilled in traditional Oaxacan ceramic-and-bamboo pot stills. This unique distillation method gives Don Amado mezcals their distinctive smoky flavor and herbal bouquet, while proudly honoring a sixteenth-century production tradition native to the state of Oaxaca.

3 reviews

2.2 of out 5 stars



119 reviews
10 months ago

Didn’t get the lot number. Very smoky with some caramel and clove. A long smoky finish. A bit one dimensional. Probably a decent mixer.



340 reviews
3 years ago

Smells a bit like spoiled fruit on the nose. At an ABV of 47% there is not much bite. It’s quite smooth booze-wise but it’s also smooth flavor-wise. Overall I’m getting a lot of spoiled funkiness with notes of mild peat and cheap toothpaste. Bought a bottle without much knowledge of the brand and will be using for Bloody Marys instead of sipping neat. Lot 34



355 reviews
3 years ago

Lot 34. This is probably better as a mixer for cocktails than it is as a sipper. The nose has aromas of sour apples and vinegar. The flavor is also sour with notes of fermented straw and cooked mushrooms. It’s easy to drink for the ABV, but I wouldn’t recommend this mezcal. Don Amado makes some great stuff, but the Rustico is not on point.

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