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Don Amado Rustico

Don Amado Rustico is a strong Espadin mezcal that is made in Santa Catarina Minas. It has notes of fruit, minerals, and clay.

Rating: (3 reviews)
Brand:Don Amado Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Bonifacio Arellanes
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Santa Catarina Minas
ABV: 47%
Website: www.delmezcal.com
About this mezcal

Don Amado Rustico is made in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca by mezcalero Germán Bonifacio Arellanes. The same distillery also produces Mina Real Mezcal. This mezcal carries a bit of smoke, but it doesn’t overwhelm the fruit and floral notes that mix nicely with notes of minerals and clay. It is silky on the palate with a vibrant finish. At 47% ABV, this Espadin mezcal is meant to be sipped neat, not mixed in a cocktail. The ABV of this mezcal may vary slightly by batch.

Don Amado Mezcal

Don Amado’s mezcaleros carefully handcraft all of their mezcals from 100% mature highland agave plants. After roasting the hearts of these premium agaves in wood-burning earthen pits, the plants’ treasured juices are distilled in traditional Oaxacan ceramic-and-bamboo pot stills. This unique distillation method gives Don Amado mezcals their distinctive smoky flavor and herbal bouquet, while proudly honoring a sixteenth-century production tradition native to the state of Oaxaca.

3 reviews

2.2 of out 5 stars



77 reviews
1 month ago

Didn’t get the lot number. Very smoky with some caramel and clove. A long smoky finish. A bit one dimensional. Probably a decent mixer.



283 reviews
2 years ago

Smells a bit like spoiled fruit on the nose. At an ABV of 47% there is not much bite. It’s quite smooth booze-wise but it’s also smooth flavor-wise. Overall I’m getting a lot of spoiled funkiness with notes of mild peat and cheap toothpaste. Bought a bottle without much knowledge of the brand and will be using for Bloody Marys instead of sipping neat. Lot 34



301 reviews
2 years ago

Lot 34. This is probably better as a mixer for cocktails than it is as a sipper. The nose has aromas of sour apples and vinegar. The flavor is also sour with notes of fermented straw and cooked mushrooms. It’s easy to drink for the ABV, but I wouldn’t recommend this mezcal. Don Amado makes some great stuff, but the Rustico is not on point.

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