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Espina Negra Tepeztate

Espina Negra Tepeztate is made by Mayolo, Honorato, and Roque Cruz Molina, whose family has been producing mezcal for four generations.

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Brand:Espina Negra Mezcal
Mezcalero:Honorato Cruz Molina, Mayolo Cruz, Roque Cruz Molina
Town:Santa Ana
Age of plant:20-25 years
About this mezcal

Espina Negra Tepeztate is made with wild agave Tepeztate in Santa Ana del Rio, Oaxaca. These agave can take up to 25 years to reach maturity and can be very difficult to harvest given that they grow in obscure places like steep hillsides and cliffs. The community of Santa Ana del Rio is located 80 km from Oaxaca City. There are only about 500 inhabitants of the small town, and most are involved in the production of agave and mezcal. The agaves used in this mezcal are traditionally cooked in a pit oven, milled by tahona, and double distilled in a copper still.

Espina Negra Mezcal

Espina Negra celebrates the mezcal of the Cruz Molina family, who have been working the fields of Santa Ana del Rio, Oaxaca for more than 4 generations. During his childhood, mezcalero Roque Cruz Molina, went out in the fields but forgot to wear his sandals. While out in the fields, he suddenly felt a thunderous electric shock through his body, as he stepped on a thorn of an agave plant. The thorn stuck through the big toe of his foot and his brothers, Celestino and Honorato, ran for their father. The father came and removed the thorn, but warned the boy to be careful as the thorn of the agave was sharp, but was also a source of income for the family. It was this experience that caused Roque to call his brand "Espina Negra" or Black Thorn.

3 reviews

3.3 of out 5 stars



119 reviews
8 months ago

Very soft, a bit watery. Fresh jalapeño and green bell pepper. It’s just ok, pretty boring.

9 months ago

My favorite of their lineup.



39 reviews
12 months ago

This is not for the faint of heart. More like the espresso of tepextate, in your face with tons of tep flavor. For my taste though, the El Jolgorio tep is still out in front with five stars.

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